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Site Updates-update...

Post#1 » Sat Apr 24, 2021 10:39 am

The Corroseum wrote:An important technical update this time: The Reviews-, Compilations- and Fanzines-archives has now been slightly restructured. Instead of loading the complete archives on the start-page, they now show the 50 latest additions instead (..though in the case of the comps and zines you can still browse the complete archives via a link below the search results). This will mean that this very news&updates-page will no longer link to every single new review, fanzine or compilation-page added to the site anymore, but the upside is it allows me to be a bit more spontaneous with updates and writing things 'on the fly' - for instance, I've added a shitload of old American zines since the last update + upgraded the zine-galleries - check it out!
Larger updates and new shit in sections not tied to a database (links, inserts etc..) will still be announced here of course.
Just a heads-up on how it should now be a bit easier to follow updates on the site ...and the fanzines- and comps-indexes won't take forever to load on slow connections or platforms.
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