METAL WARNING January update

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Re: METAL WARNING May 2017 update

Post#106 » Tue May 30, 2017 4:14 pm

do you dislike bands starting from the letter I to Z in the CD section or did I miss a section? (probs the latter knowing me)
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Re: METAL WARNING November update

Post#107 » Sat Nov 24, 2018 5:13 am

I was thinking to take part of some of my 7"EP from my private collection if the offers are suitable.
Sell only whole country, not just a single 7"EP. If intrested, make a good offer.

Singles are not listed on Discogs, but pretty much the other stuff is listed there. Still to list CDs from letter E to Z:

1.) Suisse

BLACK WATER knock down / power lights Switzerland
BURN get out of my way / dead city warrior Switzerland
DESASTER we got to rock / heartbreak song Switzerland signed
WEREWOLF mercenary / myth of a mad Switzerland
WITCHCRAFT runnin´ away / dead end street Switzerland
SIN STARLETT / FEANOR black magic sky / hellas Switzerland / Greece

2.) Portugal

ALARME deconto especial Portugal
BICO D´OBRA a rasgar é c´a gente s´entende / nao és nada Portugal
BICO D´OBRA portugal / os fora da lei Portugal
JAROJUPE pecado mortal / criatura sinistra Portugal
PÉ D´ CABRA deixem os putos tocar Portugal
PHOENIX carlinhos-o moior / summer love dream Portugal
XEQUE MATE vampiro da uva / entornei o molho Portugal

3.) Asia and related

FIRASAH si penanggal Malaysia
THE CRISIS / MILLENIUM split Nepal / India
STRANGER / THE CLUB stranger / maybe South Korea
THE CLUB Who is right South Korea flexi

4.) Italy

ALTER EGO poker Italy promo photo
SMASH HITS hell in a nightmare Italy
URANIAH peccatore / sinergia del male Italy
ATTIC / WALPURGIS NIGHT satan´s bride / ghost of dublin Germany / Italy

5.) The Netherlands

EXCITER all night in red light / see the diamond Holland
FINAL HEIRESS you´re in my heart / twisted by rules Holland
GRIFFITH losing control / finally found my way Holland
IRONFIST sea of blood / bitch Holland
MEDUSA TOUCH tears of love Holland
NATARAJ prophecy Holland
REVENGE dreams / wild nights Holland
SPOILER kick down the wall / starblindchild Holland Pic7"
SWORD i´ve been trying / excalibur Holland
THE DEVIL´S BLOOD the graveyard shuffle Holland
VAULT block from hell Holland

6.) Austria

BLESSED VIRGIN heavy metal / nightmare Austria
BLOWIN´ FREE song of tears Austria
BLOWIN´ FREE forgive me Austria
BURNING VISION heavy metal battle Austria
PEGASUS the end of the world Austria
SPITOUT when the day has gone Austria
STORMWAVE spend the night with me / do you feel alright Austria
U8 touch of fire Austria

7.) Belgium

BAD LIZARD hot girl / mistake Belgium
BARBARIAN demon Belgium
LACE linda / good morning Belgium
SAPPHIRE never surrender Belgium
STAINLESS STEEL the warrior / the axe Belgium
THOR make my dreams come true / it´s a new way Belgium
VICTIM home very weekend / can´t get enough Belgium
VICTIM lady love / squalliday inn Belgium

8.) Poland

AZYL P. twoje zycie / chyba umieram Poland
AZYL P. och, lila / kara smierci Poland NoPs
DEEF zaczyna sie / diament kraje diament Poland
KAT noce szatana / ostatni tabor Poland NoPs
LORD VADER inna twarz / laknienie ciala Poland NoPs
SUPER BOX biala dama niesie smierc / szkolne problemy Poland

9.) Brazil

ABISMO NEGRO come to die Brazil
ALEISTER C witch dream / the weight Brazil
MAMMOTH possesso / apocalipse Brazil
METALMORFOSE correntes Brazil
MONTANHA underground Brazil
NECROMANCIA hypnotic Brazil
VULCANO om pushne namah Brazil

Plus got these finnish 7"EPs

2 FUN-heart attack / stay the night EX/VG+ Seamsplit (Private 1986) Finland 15 €
ATOMIC DOG-feel no love / run to me EX/EX- (Topman 1989) Finland 50 €
BEER BAND-she was there / he had a dream Ex (Private 1986) *NoPs Finland 225 €
CAPITAL CRIME-talk about love / the day EX-/EX- (Private 1989) Finland 10 €
CHRISTINE-we love you / avenue EX- (Flamingo 1987) *NoPs Finland 5 €
DRAGON´S TALE-wake up / much too hard EX/EX- (Private 1989) Finland 15 €
EPITAPH-r.i.p. / domination EX/EX (Private 1989) Finland 50 €
GARDEN OF WORM-summer's isle EX/EX ins (Metal Warning 2008) Finland 5 €
GOBRA-despair EX/EX- (Private 1988) Finland 15 €
HELLION NOISE-devil´s daughter / magic moment EX-/EX- (Private 1988) Finland 150 €
HIDDEN TRUTH-just another game / run away EX/EX (Private 1989) Finland 15 €
MAX BLINDER-bad news / i´ll find you EX-/VG+ (Private 1988) Finland 20 €
MAX BLINDER-nightmare queen / rock with the band EX-/EX (Private 1992) Finland 20 €
MC-shocking VG+/EX- (Private 1990) Finland 30 €
MORTIFER / SARCASTIC-4 track split EX/EX (Private 198?) Finland 250 €
NORTHERN LIGHTS-king tonight EX-/EX- (Private 1986) Finland 150 €
PRESTIGE-veijo VG+/EX ins (Private 1989) Finland 30 €
RATTUS-win or die EX/EX (Private 1987) Finland 15 €
RUNNER SIX-no more to love / turn aways EX/EX Promo insert (Private 1991) Finland 15 €
RUNNER SIX-girls got a gun EX/EX- (Private 1991) Finland 40 €
RUNNER SIX-girls got a gun EX/VG (Private 1991) Finland 15 €
SALOON FIGHTERS-a night at the saloon EX/EX (Private 1992) Finland 5 €
SATAN'S FALL-seven nights EX/EX (Underground Power 2016) Finland 8 €
SAUNABADH-penguins EX-/EX- (Private 1993) Finland 30 €
SHARONEES-neon light child / gimme dynamite EX-/VG+ (Comeback 1988) Finland 5 €
SNAKEDANCE-sex song / medicine man EX-/VG+ (Private 1990) Cover size 8inch! Finland 15 €
STARWAY-nightmares / dreamer EX (Oho!/Extend 1983) NoPs Finland 25 €
STONEAGE-topman / dna EX/EX- Private 1987) Finland 15 €
TATUS A.M.B.-ways of forgetting / memories EX/EX (Kräk 1983) Finland 5 €
TIGER SHARK (O.S.S.Y.)-name of love / hold me EX- Postcard (Private 1988) *NoPs Finland 20 €
TOW SAWYER-carry on / shadow of the night EX-/EX- (Private 1988) Finland 30 €
UPSTATE RUBBISH-little bit of hate / hard to tell EX/EX- Promo insert (Private 1993) Finland 15 €
WILDCHILD-rock with me / ridin´ the night EX/EX (Private 1989) Finland 60 €
WILDCHILD-rock with me / ridin´ the night EX/EX Sticker on cover (Private 1989) Finland 40 €
CHEVALIER / LEGIONNAIRE-the greed of the cross / born of ash and blood EX/EX (Gates of Hell 2018) 8 €
FEEDBACK / TIISTAIMITÄVAAN-give a cry / tuntematon mielihyvä EX-/EX- (Private 1992) Finland 10 €
V/A-INDIEVIDUAL VOL.1 EX/EX (Baby Green +3) (Private 1990) Finland 5 €
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Re: METAL WARNING November update

Post#108 » Tue Nov 27, 2018 7:11 am

Metal Warning presents

SPRIAL WHEEL - Resurrection of Revenge CD 12€
Featuring members of Ex-Sabbat (Japan), Magnesium, Anatomia, Starlight Ritual and Rik Charron Ex-Exciter (Canada)

PANZER - Tierra de Metales CD 15€
One of the best Heavy Metal albums of 80s South America finally available on real silver print CD.

or take both releases for 25€

Here´s are the insane shipping rates from Finland:

€16.10 inside Europe with registered airmail with tracking for 1-2 CDs.
(Only possible as friend payment via Paypal, then I can ship at your own risk for 5,10€)

€23.50 outside Europe with registered airmail with tracking for 1-2 CDs.
(Only possible as friend payment via Paypal, then I can ship at your own risk for 12,50€)

Orders / Questions:
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Re: METAL WARNING December update

Post#109 » Sat Dec 01, 2018 1:41 pm

List updated!
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Re: METAL WARNING January update

Post#110 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:57 pm

New list updated!!!
(Items with *** are not to be found on Discogs. It's either bootleg, not sure of pressing or not listed on Discogs at all.)
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