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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#31 » Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:07 pm

DaN wrote:Btw, do you know who's behind the article? I'd love to give it a proper home at the Corroseum website (...and fix that messy wall-of-text layout in the process)
I know that the guy behind the site was active here until a couple of years ago and used the nickname "roihlem". I don't know anything more about him. I wish I could help you more, but he seems to be inactive on all forums he once was a member...

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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#32 » Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:08 pm

Nice work Dan, looks great, and good info.

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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#33 » Sun Oct 09, 2016 3:46 am

There's a ton of information about Venezuela Metal here :
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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#34 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 8:49 am

some bands or releases from Venezuela not listed on M-A:

Apocalipsis (1986):
Clows: Pegaron loco por ti Unreleased Ep
Delirium Ov Mortem:
Devastacion: Rehearsal in Judibana 1984 VIDEO (4 tx: Betty, Muerto en vida, Ritos malignos, Devastacion mortal, Drum+Guitars solo)
El Feretro Satanico:
Etica Etilica: Recordings 1986-1992
Exorcion: Demo Tracks 1986-1989 (Exorcion, Torre de Babel)
Exorcion: Rehearsal in Judibana 1984 VIDEO
Genocidio: Rehearsal in Judibana 1984 VIDEO
Grand Bite: Demo 1984 (4 tx)
Kanser: 3 Studio Tracks (Asesino, Un heavy para mi, Pacto sangriento)
Kanser: Live at Club Marvel
Necrosis: Rehearsal 1987
Pablo Mendoza:
Trance: Demo 1992 (3 tx: Almas libres, El pasado pasado es, Nada oculto bajo el sol)
Tremens: Demo 1 1982 (Soñadora, Comienza por ti)
Tremens: Demo 2 1982 (No me comparen, Un dia mas)
VV.AA.: La gran descarga metalica Live Tape/Video 30-11-1991

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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#35 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 8:58 am

and my listings for Paraguay and Uruguay not listed on M-A (this list as the above for Venezuela stops to 1990. I deleted all the other names/bands from 1991 onward):


Acero Inoxidable (1988, with Willy Suchar, Luis D'Agostino, Ivo Calderon, Carlos Sandoval, José Farias): Contractuado Track 1989
Avalon (198x): Distorsion track on "Lo Mejor del Rock Nacional" Tape 1990
Blood Expire (1989): Oh Dios track on "Lo Mejor del Rock Nacional" Tape 1990
Building Heads:
Crematorio (pre-Disincarnated):
Dafman Hell:
Funeral (1985):
Golgota (1990):
Inside Death:
Kaos: Titeres rebeldes track on "Lo Mejor del Rock Nacional" Tape 1990
Massacred (1989):
Metal Heart:
Metal Urbano: Uniformes track on "Lo Mejor del Rock Nacional" Tape 1990
Metaloide (198x):
Nash (1984, Dany Zayas, Ramón Méndez, Pedro Ávila, Oswal González): Burning for your love; Spirit of lust Demo Tracks 1984
Ni Los Perros (198x, Roberto Thompson, Kike Calabrese):
Requiem: Demo 199x (Q'pasa aquí!? + 1 more, instrumental)
Rigor Mortis:
Scythe (con José Florentin, Ángel Molina): Demo 198x (2 tx)
Sumeria (1990):
Trio Mugre (197x, Nicodemus Espinosa):
Vértigo: Tierra de nadie Demo Track 1991
We (198x):
VV.AA.: Lo Mejor de Rock Nacional Tape 1990 (CD announced for re-release in 2015)


Abbadon (1992):
Acido: Al ataque (from Compilation)
Acido: Demo 1987 (2 tx: Fria helada, ... ?)
Acido: Demo 198x (2 tx: Por siempre heavy metal, )
Acido: Recordings 1981-1985
Alto Voltaje: Live at Parque Rockdo 1988
Alto Voltaje: Video 198x
Arsenal (Nestor Porto, Ernesto "El Biblioteca" Esclavo, Fer Lemos, Ricky Quintero):
Asgard: La condena, La proxima oscuridad on "Unidos en la misma" Compilation Tape
Azacat/Az'zacat: Ateo on "1er certamen nacional de rock uruguayo – 100.3 Eldorado FM 1987" Compilation Tape 1987
Barbarie: Tremendo pedo, El 38 on "Unidos en la misma" Compilation Tape
Caballo Loco: El páramo Track on Metal uruguayo Revistado Vol. 1
Danger Four (heavy metal in the beginning, 198x):
Delirium Tremens: Demo 1988
Delirium Tremens: Live 1988
Delirium Tremens: Live at Sala Cain 06-1990 (6 tx)
Delirium Tremens: Live at Teatro de Verano 22-09-1990 (9 tx)
Eclampsy: Rehearsal 1990
Escape: Un ángel más
Inner Sanctum: Shadows in the mirror Demo 1989 (I have scan of the flyier announcing it)
Inner Sanctum: Rehearsal Demo 199x
Inner Sanctum: Live in Montevideo Tape 1988
Inner Sanctum: Live at Teatro de Verano 21-01-1990
Luz Roja: Roc dac, Orosea on "Rock 5" Tape 1989
Mantis: Unreleased Demo 1990
Mantis: Recordings 1989-1991
Melker Morgoth/Melkor Morgoth: Rehearsal Demo 1989
Moby Dick (1985): Rehearsal Demo 1986
Moby Dick (1985): Pisoteado Track 1986
Nazca: Viaje electrico Track on Material Desechable Tape
Nostradamus (1985): (it seems there's no recording but they played 1 or 2 shows)
Paddok: Apocalipsis Demo 1988
Piedra Laja: Demo 1 199x
Sadica: Rehearsal Tape
Sádica/Sadika: Mi testamento Track
Shock: Tape Lp 1992 (10 tx No te dejes atrapar, Toca y sento, Diosa de la seduccion, No puedo alcanzarte, Ella, Shock de rock'n'roll, No quiero perderte, La cantina del diablo, Vieja cancion, Noche de accion)
Shock: En soledad Track
Titanic 3 (pre-Macbeth):
V.A.: Rock 87 - 1er certamen nacional de rock uruguayo – 100.3 Eldorado fm Compilation Lp 1987 (Ateo, Azacat, Angkor Vat)
V.A.: Eldorado FM - Una buena onda Vol. 3 Tape
V.A.: Live at Rocker Building 1995 (Necropolys, Asfixia, Esclavitud) VHS
V.A.: Material Desechable - 7 anos de rock hasta el melodia Tape 1990
V.A.: Thrash attack compilation Vol. 1
V.A.: Unidos en la misma CD

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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#36 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 8:59 am

and some minor scenes from the Caribbean area:


Warning: Live at Sentro Pro Arte 1987


Scion: Demo Tracks 1991-1993
Sentinel/Stoneblind (1991):


Ratskyn (1981):

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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#37 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 9:01 am

Thanx & Thanx! I've got a half-finished Latin American map in the works that I'll continue with inbetween my current mega-project..
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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#38 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 1:01 pm

Here a few more unknown bands from Argentina: ... se/9172735

namely 666 and Vulcano

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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#39 » Wed Oct 12, 2016 8:31 am

Whatever you think of JN, he seems to be well informed. thanks for the data!
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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#40 » Mon Dec 19, 2016 3:25 am

I'm in Laos now
I'll see if I can find some stuff, some of the listed tapes and some new additions/information

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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#41 » Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:25 am

At this point I'm confused as to what this project is?

It started as a map to already created sites with encyclopedic type content.

The most current posts give the impression that The Corroseum is going to be making it's own world wide encyclopedia with no other content then a list of bands with varying degrees of material ranging from nothing to several decades worth.
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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#42 » Fri Jan 06, 2017 6:13 am

New discover from Laos:

Sapphire: "Heavy Laos / เฮฟวี่ลาว" CD 1994

Together with The Exile, among the "first" (and only) wave of hard rock/heavy metal made in Laos or by laotian expat in the early 90's
As stated by the singer, heavy metal and hard rock was heavily censored and persecuted during the early 90's in the ultraconservative society of Laos, so that it didn't last too long. After 1995 the few active bands were completely vanished.

Both Sapphire and The Exile recorded their sole CD album in Thailand for some thai music company.
It is curious to note that The Exile, as well as other hard rock bands such as Chitpanya, Noom Sery, Noom Lao, Noom Shadow, Deamer have released their debut albums during their "expat period" in USA or Canada and following albums were released once back to Laos in the very early 90's.
Also the debut cassette album recorded in USA or Canada were heavily bootlegged in Laos and were quite easy to find until a 3-4 years ago. Now they totally disappeared as well as every other music album on cassette tape. No trace of cassettes anymore in the (very few) music shops in Laos, all replaced by ultra shitty and super cheap awuful useless mp3 compilation of international pop bands ("it's the future!")

Sapphire released their album in 1994 on CD and Tape, recorded, printed and distributed in Thailand only as well as a promotional 4-tracks 12" in the same year with 4 songs taken from the studio album. Officialy this is the second Lao heavy metal band to release a full lenght CD, after The Exile one year before (also recorded in thailand for a thai music company).
A second album was recorded much years later, on tape only and it's just pure hard/soft rock. I haven't seen it anywere else, except for the tape cover on some local forum

Nothing special...expect the same typical hard metal from South East Asia with boring vocals and annoying melodies, but with some Loudness-type influences here and there. Just a little bit better than similar crap from Malaysia or Thailand itself
Artowrk, images, make up and everything sucks (they look like U2 or Depeche Mode!) but actually the music is not that bad






Still searching for the ultra rare Warhead "Meltdown" Tape 1986 from Philippines and Post Mark "Stamp on you" Tape 1989 from India....

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