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Re: Malaysia/Singapore Metal (...and vinyl)

Post#16 » Mon Feb 10, 2020 8:03 am

Sorry bro but that list is just the top of iceberg. Even my malay wantlist is longer than this and I don't have all malay Metal/Hard Rocks bands on the radar yet. Still discovering more and more ... there should be several hundreds of tapes available and at least 150 vinys
Metalian you can cross out from the list, I have the vinyl, great artwork but lightweight Hard Rock ... not Metal. Masa Scarecrow almost the same. Their LP is quite boring.
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Re: Malaysia/Singapore Metal (...and vinyl)

Post#17 » Mon Feb 10, 2020 6:59 pm

yes, of course i know that is just the top of the iceberg, a full list (and I mean: full) would be exrremely boring and useless, but I have it somewhere in italy..... plus i have something like no less that 60 compilation tapes who i still need to find out tracklist or bands involved as I only have tape covers and sometimes no tracklist. Or need to check if there is some compilation with unreleased material rather than just cheap samplers.

And I also have around 150 bands/demos/live tapes/rehearsal of thrash/death/speed/black metal which still have no place in metal archives because all information are missing, audio sources are missing, people who may help with their own copy simply don't reply, of course all from Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia/Brunei. From Indonesia I still have to work on around 200+ compilation tapes and around 80-90 promo/demo/single cassettes from the late 90's (mostly from 1995 onward) to mid 2000's, but it's all death/brutal/gothic stuff. All the metal/hard rock production of the late 80's up to early 90's is already well known and traced down, at least we know what's existing and what is simply legend and which are the real numbers.
I have no time nor will, expecially when 99% of collectors who may give information (and I just mean: information, not even audio samples or recordings) simply do not reply because they don't want to share information.

I guess somewhere at home in Italy I have an almost full list of every hard rock (and above) metal band ever appeared in Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei/Indonesia, even bands who just played one gig only and disappeared and never recorded anything, or maybe just some shitty live tape in local gigs (luckily, I can speak malaysian and indonesian and all my friends are involved in music, like Jaye of Sil Khannaz and many members of old bands such as Picagari, Punisher, Koffin Kanser and other bands active in the late 80's/early 90's + I spend my days in Kuala Lumpur at my friend's music shop where I know dozens and dozens of collectors, so it's easy to build up information, after a few years or research)
I spend more time in Malaysia than in Italy in the last 10 years, I was there until last monday and I will be back there next march too, so I pretend to know quite perfectly what has been produced, what does exist and what not. And which are simply urban legends and which can be the real numbers of productions. But I am curious to see where you found that information about 150 vinyl releases because it's totally out of reason.... maybe you include also pop, dangdut or non rock music in that number? because it's totally unbeilevable unless you presume that every cassette has been released on vinyl too. ANd more or less the full production of rock kapak, including bands who released more than one album can be roughly extimated in not even 130-140 tapes, excluding compilation. But not even a 50% of them exist on vinyl edition.

So the list is obviously longer (already 10 years ago I quite fixed it in my archives/files) but not so much longer.... "several hundreds" is totally a random number unless you want to include pop rock and some super ultra shitty arena rock like malaysian version of Joe Cocker or Bruce Springsteen who just "look" like rock but it's just shitty pop....
There are many but all in all the bands who ever recorded an album r appeared on compilation during 1986-1993 are definitively less than one hundred and their discography is already very well known. And generally all available through different sources, in a way or other on youtube (full album or scattered/single songs) and with (super shitty/totally ruined by logos and watermarks) tape artwork.

So, at least for the rock kapak/hard rock-metal production isn't as wide or huge as you can believe. There are more but they are already all known and traced down, and I really mean what I say as I pretend to know that scene beyond perfection.
Then for me everything is shit, except for a few scattered songs here and there and the only band who really deserve some interest is just FTG and nothing else. But at least it is easily possible to trace down every release and ever band and every album: and they are not so many as I said: most of bands just released 1 or 2 album, but they are all known, all easily available here and there for download.
150 vinyls? No way, I wonder where you got this number, seriously.

Sorry to say that but - even if I really like nothing of this malaysian production, I pretend to know just a little bit more than everybody else, both in numbers, names, years, location and format.

But maybe you can help me, with the following information below:

. Just in the thrash-death-black-doom area there are still hundred of bands who still need to be traced down properly or I need proper information. I have photos of around 150 tapes (demo/rehearsal/live/promo cd) from 1989 to early 2000's but no information or - in case i have information and everything else - I don't have audio sources.

Just in these last weeks I am searching somebody who can provide some more information about recordings of bands already quite well known or information about bands who still have no known recording, maybe you can help me as it seems you know a little bit more than me. For many of them I have photos of tapes/demos and reviews/articles from local fanzines (both in english or bahasa) but in many cases tracklist are missing, impossible to read or not present at all and anyway I don't have audio sources. For most of them I just need decent audio copies for my collection but not many people are willing to make copies from their own copy.

from Malaysia:

7 Petala: 7 Petala CD 2018
ABC...Dead!: Live at Paradise Club, Kuala Lumpur 15-12-1990
Anator: Rehearsal Demo 1990 (2 tx; Bath in sin, Evil orchestra)
Ancient Crypt: Rehearsal 19/06/1993 (only need audio)
Apostasy: no existing recordings
Armageddish: Support the ancient war spirit Demo 1996 (only need audio)
Assault: Live at Pesta Thrash Galactica, Kuala Lumpur, 04-03-1989
Assault: Live at Konsert Thrash, Kuala Lumpur 01-12-1990
Axthara: Cerucuk Tape 1991
Azimat: Zeck CD 2014
Azimat: Darwah is rhythm for your life CD 2015
Azimat: Giliran mu CD 2016
Azimat: Sapaan senja CD 2016
Bacteria: Evil bastards Demo 1987
Batturwar: Banishment Rehearsal Demo 1992 (4 tx) (I need only audio)
Betrayer: Recordings 198x-1992
Betrayer: Live at Konsert Thrash, Stadium Kluang, Johor 05-06-1990
Blackfire: Recordings 1984-1988
Blackfire: Live in Arau, Perlis, 1988
Block Head (Crucify): Suffocated heathen Demo 1992
Brain Dead: Eternal war Demo 1990 (3 tx)
Brain Dead: 7th Hell Live Tape 1993 (7 tx) (I need only audio)
Brutalator: Live at Paradise Club, Kuala Lumpur 15-12-1990
Cabin Junction: Belenggu diru CD 2016
Catarrh: Destructive creation Demo 1992
Chronic Mass: Messed chronically Demo 1992 (5 tx + Intro + Outro) (just need an excellent audio quality)
Critical Mass: recordings pre-demo
Cromok: Live at Just Whrn I'd Thought I Had Seen It All Festival, Sydney, 27-10-1990
Crucify: recordings other than on compilation tape
Curse Of God: Satanic occultism Demo 1995 (I only need audio)
Dark Power: other recordings beside compilation tape
Darkthory: Live at Mosh'n'Slam Day, Kuala Lumpur 04-03-1990
Defiance: just a copy of the first demo
De'Iventor (Ipoh): Glory of neverending surrender Demo 1998 (just full audio: my copy has all songs cut)
Demizer: Emotions run Deep Demo (just a tracklist and a full color copy of the tape, as mine is in b/w)
Demori: Arabian death Demo 1990
Demori: Victims of the rule Demo 1991
Dennis The Mennace: Live at Konsert Thrash The Final Countdown, Kuala Lumpur, 10-06-1989
Dreaded: A tracklist of the demo. The only copy I have seen so far is in a music shop in Singapore.
Dreamknight: Perjalanana Ep 2009
Dreamknight: Antara kau dan aku CD 2011
Dreamknight: Puteri aina EP 2014
Dreamknight: Taklukan mimpi CD 2016
Euthanasia: Anthems of a dead youth Demo 2000 (only audio)
Exorcist: Live at Chinese New Year Eve Party, Kuala Lumpur 26-01-1990
F.T.G.: Live at Konsert Thrash The Final Countdown, Kuala Lumpur, 10-06-1989
F.T.G.: Live at Chinese New Year Eve Party, Kuala Lumpur 26-01-1990
Foesquad: Remaining at last Demo (need year + audio. I have photocopy of the cover)
H2O: Live at Konsert Thrash II, Kuala Lumpur, 02-04-1989
H2O: Live at Pesta Thrash Galactica, Kuala Lumpur, 04-03-1989
Hijrah (Kuantan): A pilgrimage to nowhere Demo 1990
Hijrah (Kuantan): Live at Chinese New Year Eve Party, Kuala Lumpur 26-01-1990
Hijrah (Kuantan): Live at Mosh'n'Slam Day, Kuala Lumpur 04-03-1990
Hijrah (Sarawak): Hijirah Tape 1991
Immortal: Avenger of blood Demo 1990
Immortal: Immortal bestiality Demo 1991
Incubated Worms:
Infectious Maggots: Life among the ruins Demo 1991 (need tracklist, I have a photocopy of the cover)
Infernal Death: Live at Mosh'n'Slam Day, Kuala Lumpur 04-03-1990
Kalabanganz/Kalabangan: Shadow of Lucifer Demo 1991 (1 tx)
Kibosh Sybil Kismet: Rehearsal Demo 1996 (I only need tracklist, I have photocopy of the cover)
Lamia: Recordings 1990-1992
Langsuyr/Langsuir: recordings pre-demos
Lost Infidel: Endless Suffer Demo 1991 (I only need audio, I have the cover)
Mallaria: Rehearsal 1987
Marlinspike: Ekipsnilram Demo 1991
Mascara: In through of the darkness Demo 1993
May: Gadis bertudung putih (Indonesian bootleg tape on Metrorama). I need an original copy.
Mazetorment: Recordings 1991-1992
Meditation: Demo 2004 (I need an audio source)
Mentally Murdered: The dwell Demo 1991
Merciless Death: recordings not on the compilation tape
Metal Ghost (pre-Black Fire): Recordings 1982-1984
Mighty Devastator: Fear us Demo 1991 (I only need audio source, I have the original cover but no cassette)
Misanthrope: Hording of evil vengeance Demo 1991
Misanthrope: Demo 1992
Modar: Inferior symphony first unreleased version Tape 1991 (4 tx)
Modar: Dead century Unreleased Demo 1991 (10 tx)
Narcotic Death:
Narraka: Live in Taiping Tape 1993 (bonus tracks on side b of Brain Dead demo tape, I have the cover but not the tape)
Nebiras: Demo 1992 (4 tx)
Necrofist: Rehearsal 1990
Necrofist: Live at Mosh'n'Slam Day, Kuala Lumpur 04-03-1990
Necrophilia (Chronic Mass):
Necrotic Chaos: Live 14-08-1992
Negation: Just a fucking damn rehearsal Demo 1992
Nemesis: Recordings 198x
Nemesis: Live at Malam Istimewa Rockers, Kuala Lumpur 05-11-1988
Nemesis: Live at Konsert Thrash, Kuala Lumpur 28-12-1988
Nemesis: Live at Konsert Thrash II, Kuala Lumpur, 02-04-1989
Nemesis: Live at Chinese New Year Eve Party, Kuala Lumpur 26-01-1990
Nemesis: Live at Konsert Thrash, Kuala Lumpur 01-12-1990
Novathor: Seven step to infernal Demo 1991
Nuklear Death: Recordings 1989-1992
Operation Corpse: Operation corpse Demo 1 1992
Operation Corpse: Final couse of creation Demo 2 1992
Picagari: Live at Konsert Thrash II, Kuala Lumpur, 02-04-1989
Picagari: Live Tracks 1987 (2 tx)
Picagari: Live at Konsert Thrash The Final Countdown, Kuala Lumpur, 10-06-1989
Picagari: Live at Paradise Club, Kuala Lumpur 15-12-1990
Profane Creation: Recordings 1991-1992
Protopsmet/Protopsmer: Abomination Demo (I have a copy f the original cover, I need an audio souce)
Psycho Death (Sputum):
Punisher: Recordings 198x
Punisher: Live at Konsert Thrash, Kuala Lumpur 28-12-1988
Punisher: Live at Pesta Thrash Galactica, Kuala Lumpur, 04-03-1989
Punisher: Live at Chinese New Year Eve Party, Kuala Lumpur 26-01-1990
Punisher: Live at Konsert Thrash, Stadium Kluang, Johor 05-06-1990
R.O.T. (Reign Of Terror):
Rator: Recordings 1987-1989
Sakramoth: Pranji prakasa Demo 1999 (I have toe original tape but I need another copy as mine is unlistenable)
Samartary: Northern thrashing alive VCD (I need a tracklist only, I have photos of the cover)
Sauts Alastor:
Saxo: Live at Konsert Thrash, Kuala Lumpur 28-12-1988
Saxo: Live at Pesta Hiburan Kingsway, Kuala Lumpur 01-03-1989
Senseless Death: tracks from Profanation horror Re-release Demo 1992 not included on the CD
Senseless Death: 4 live tracks from Terminal of death Demo 1990 not included on the CD
Sil Khannaz: Live at Paradise Club, Kuala Lumpur 15-12-1990
Silent Death: Live at Chinese New Year Eve Party, Kuala Lumpur 26-01-1990
Silent Death: Live at Mosh'n'Slam Day, Kuala Lumpur 04-03-1990
Silent Death: Live at Konsert Thrash, Kuala Lumpur 01-12-1990
Sindraz: The art of blood MCD 2009 (I need a decent copy with decent audio. Mine is only a b/w photocopy with no tracklist)
Slapdeath: Live at Konsert Thrash, Kuala Lumpur 28-12-1988
Slum Scum/Slumscums: Recordings 1991-1992
Slumber Death: Incancation of damnable Demo 1992
Social Infection: Demo 1990
Specimen: Jualangan juara CD 2016
Sputum: An enormous feeling of hatred Demo 18-11-1991 (only tracklist)
Sri Mangkat (Aradia): Recordings 1991-1992
Stone Crows: Rehearsal 1987
S.U.D.S.: The Demo 1990
Suffercation: Day of darkness Unreleased Demo 1992 (4 tx)
Suffercation: Live at Life Centre, Kuala Lumpur 10-07-1992
Sundelbolong: In kafan Demo 1996 (just need tracklist, I have audio + copy of cover)
Talisman: Awake from the nightmare Demo 2001 (I only need a tracklist)
Tandus: Recordings 1991-1992
Tantrum: Infinite dreams Promo Tape 2000 (I only need audio source)
The Hidden/Symposium: Split Tape 2004 (need original)
Tragedy (XPDC): Recordings 1987-1988
Transgressor: Morbid maraud Demo 1987 (4 tx)
Vicious Azael:
Voice: Live at Konsert Thrash The Final Countdown, Kuala Lumpur, 10-06-1989
Vormit: Blossom in putrid Demo 1991 (only tracklist)
Vormit: The God project Demo 1992 (only tracklist)
Vulga: Demo 1991 (only tape cover)
Vulga: Recordings 1985-1992
W12 (V12): Live at Pesta Thrash Galactica, Kuala Lumpur, 04-03-1989
W12 (V12): Live at Konsert Thrash II, Kuala Lumpur, 02-04-1989
Whiplash: Live at Konsert Thrash The Final Countdown, Kuala Lumpur, 10-06-1989
X (Necrophilia/Chronic Mass): every possible existing recording (live or rehearsal)
ZAF!: Live at Chinese New Year Eve Party, Kuala Lumpur 26-01-1990
V.A.: 100% Rock Koleksi Vol. 3 Tape 1988 (I only need a readable tracklist)
V.A.: An epidemic darkness-nerto effects VIDEO 1993 (Catarrh, Kitanai Chi, Silent Death, Carburetpr Dung)
V.A.: Best of heavy rock Tape 1989 (Clarame CM20-1113. I only need a readable tracklist)
V.A.: Carta rock Tape 1990 (I only need a readable tracklist)
V.A.: Gegaran on stage CD 2016
V.A.: Glorious nakadnas Tape 1998 (I only need a readable tracklist)
V.A.: Instrumental Juara Lagu 91 (I only need tracklist of side B)
V.A.: Koleksi Cayala Tape 1992-1993 (I need tracklist)
V.A.: Revolusi Rock '92: Screamer + FX Tape 1992 (I need another tape as mine is totally unplayable)

From Singapore: for most of the recordings I just need a good audio copy to replace my shitty ones). For many bands with no recording listed, I obviously mean "other recordings than the already known"

666: every recording beside compilation appearances
A.R.T.: every recording beside compilation appearances
Aftermath: Songs from Ruff Ax Tape 1987
Anti-Social Kiosk:
Behemoth: The remembrance of the crucification Demo 1992
Belial: Demo 1992
Bestial Colony: Rehearsal 1990
Bestial Colony: Universal decay Demo 1992
Bird Brains: Peanut butter jelly sandwich Demo 1991 (24 tx)
Blacklysted (Krax): Recordings 1983-1990
Blood Angel: In evil we trust Demo 1992
Brutal Fear:
Corpses: Songs from M.I.S./Made in Singapore Vol. 2 Tape 1992
Crucifucktor: Demo 1989
Cunnilingus: Greetings from necropolis Demo 1990
Decius: Recordings 1990-1992
Demisor: Mastectomy Rehearsal Demo 1990
Demisor: Oral climax Rehearsal Demo 1992
Demisor: Recordings 1987-1989
Down Syndrome:
Erebus: A tracklist of the demo. The only copy I have seen so far is in a music shop in Singapore.
Eternal Oath:
Eternal Throne:
Ethos: Beyond the reality Demo 1992
Ethos: Recordings 1987-1991
Extremists (Cemetery/Eibon/Debauchery): Rehearsal Demo 1988
False Melissa (pre-Nuctemeron):
Four Sides: Songs from M.I.S./Made in Singapore Vol. 2 Tape 1992
Fractured Skull: Thrash till death Demo 1991
Global Chaos: And it's all our fault Demo 1990
Global Chaos: Songs from M.I.S. Made in Singapore Vol. 1 Tape 1991 (A piece of puzzle)
Global Chaos: Songs from New School Rock Vol. 2 CD 1991 (Open up the windows, The mortals must be crazy)
Global Chaos: Songs from View Beyond 002 Tape 1992 (Dying Inside, Your noise is our noise)
Homicide: Recordings 1990-1992
Impiety: Rehearsal 1991 (4 tx)
Infernal Death:
Infernal Scum (Cardiac Necropsy): Recordings 1991-1992
Infidel: Flames of redemption Demo 1989
Insanity: Screams from the asylum Demo 1988
Insanity: Rehearsal 01
Insanity: Rehearsal 02
Insanity: Rehearsal 03
Krax: Recordings 1990-1992
Leviathan: Songs from M.I.S./Made in Singapore Vol. 2 Tape 1992
Lycanthropy: State of moribund Demo 1992
Lycanthropy: Songs from M.I.S./Made in Singapore Vol. 2 Tape 1992
Martyrdom: Rehearsal Promo Tape 1992
Mayhem Force:
Messerschmitt: War Demo 1990 (4 tx)
Metallik Storm (pre-Nuctemeron):
Metempsychosis (Obsequies):
Mindrape Protestants:
Monsier: Demo 1992
Morbid Death (Debauchery): Recordings 1988-1989
Morbid Deformity (Bird Brains): Recordings 1989
Morbific: Realm of blood Demo 1992
Morbius: Demo 1992
Mumbra (Leviathan/Rectum): Mysticism from the abyss Rehearsal Demo 1990 (4 tx)
Mutation: Rehearsal 02-03-1991
Mutation: Rehearsal 06-01-1992
Mutation: Malignant existence Demo 1991
Mutation: Void of disharmony Demo 1992
Necro Sadist: Churning bowels of hell Demo 1989
Obsequies: Resurgence of dark exequies Demo 1991
Ossuary: Recordings 1990-1992
Panitrator: Innocent's sacrifice Rehearsal Demo 1989
Plague (Bird Brains): Recordings 1989
Ram-Rod: Shelter for destruction on "M.I.S. - Made In Singapore Vol. 3" Tape 1992
Razor's Edge: Winds of change, Running to the night on Before I Get Old Presents Nothing On The Radio Tape 1986
Rectum: Human error Demo 1990
Requiem: Recordings 1987-1992
Rotten Germ:
S.U.D.S.: The Demo Demo 1990
S.U.D.S.: Songs from M.I.S./Made in Singapore Vol. 2 Tape 1992
Seventh Gates: Crucified by dawn Demo 1992
Sexfago: Rehearsal 1989
Silent Sorrow: Promo Tape 1991
Silent Sorrow: Songs from M.I.S./Made in Singapore Vol. 2 Tape 1992
Sir You Die:
Skin 14: Songs from M.I.S./Made in Singapore Vol. 2 Tape 1992
Stompin' Ground: Grey Demo 1991
Stompin' Ground: Songs from M.I.S./Made in Singapore Vol. 2 Tape 1992
Stukas: Hidup Sesudah Mati Demo 1988 (6 tx)
Stukas: Life after death Demo 1989 (4 tx)
Swirling Madness: The right to play Demo 1992
Swirling Madness: We are what we are Demo 1993
Tombcrusher (Abhorer):
Unblessed: Reign of terror Demo 1988
Vulture: The blackest death Demo (need tracklist + release year, I have a photocopied tape + cover)
Xtreme Obsession: Obsessed Demo 1990
VA.: Beware dungeon - Process of internal torment Tape 1991
VA.: M.I.S. - Made In Singapore Vol. 1 Tape 1991
VA.: M.I.S. - Made In Singapore Vol. 2 Tape 1992
VA.: M.I.S. - Made In Singapore Vol. 3 Tape 1993
VA.: No Surrender Gig Tape 1987 (I need the original tape)
VA.: Rough cuts Vol 1 + Vol. 2 (need the original tapes)
VA.: Ruff ax Tape 1987 (need the original tape)

From Brunei (just need good quality audio for most of them and confirm of existence of recordings for bands whith o recording known):


Azmael: Provocation evil Demo 1992
Azmael: The legend of the eastern land Demo 1994
Black Gypsy (pre- Potensi): Live in Miri 1989 or 1990
Daemon: Demo 1990
Daredevil (Daemon): Recordings 1988-1989
Descending Horror (Grotesque):
Funerality: Promo united Rehearsal Demo 1993
Funerality: Coming of Doom Day Demo (only tracklist)
Funerality: Promotape 1997 (only tracklist)
Inferior: Demo 1991 (2 tx)
Phantom Lord:
Potensi: Sepotong nyawa Tape 1992 (need original)

From Indonesia: I still have to sort something like 200+ compilation tapes from 1995 onward + many demo/promo tapes from the same era not yet listed on M-A.
All the existing tapes/album/compilation with hard rock/metal stuff up to 1993-1994 I have them all, except for a couple.

Need good audio recordings or tracklist or photos of the following:

Adaptor: Lost control Tape 1993
Armada Borneo: Armada Demo 1992 (not the full lenght tape)
Grausig: Doomsday Studio Track 1992
Jasad: Demo 1992 (2 tx: Life'n'die; Fuckin' education)
Krystal: Alengka Tape 199x (need original)
Legend Bee: Demo 1991 (not the full lenght tape)
Rollander Band: Musik Tugu on 10 Top Rank Super Group Tape 1990 (decent copy, mine is in awful condition)
Rollander Band: Rasa cinta on Harmagedon (Arul Efansyah) Tape (decent copy, mine is in awful condition)
Vindictive Saviour: Under the eternal sadness Demo 1998
VV.AA.: 14 rock terlaris '90 part 1 Tape 1990 (decent copy, mine is in awful condition)
VV.AA.: 14 rock terlaris '90 part 2 Tape 1990 (decent copy, mine is in awful condition)

+ around 30-40 bands of the late 90's/earlt 00's not yet listed on Metal archives that I still, one day, need to sort, catalogue, listen and try to submit. I have no time and I live in Taiwan now.

Plus I need information about possible existing recordings of the following indonesian bands in the following years:

Aleron: Recordings 1990-1992
Alien Scream: Recordings 1990-1992
Amela Thrash (Medan, 198x):
Challenger (Medan, 198x):
Cobra (Medan, 198x):
Commotion Of Resources (pre-Getah): Recordings 1988-1991
Debtor (Denpasar, 1989):
Demoniac (Jakarta): Recordings 1990-1992
Dry (Surabaya): Recordings 1990-1992 not on compilation
Epilepsy (Denpasar, 1992):
F.O.D.: Recordings 1990-1992
Jenazah: Recordings 1988-1991
Kamikaze: Recordings 1985-1989 not on compilation
Khasarath: Recordings 1990-1992
Morbid (Medan, 1993):
Morbiddust: Recordings 1990-1992
Mortus: Recordings 1989-1992
Mozart Death (Medan, 198x):
New Chordex (Medan, 1985): everything beside already known compilation
Painfull Death: Recordings 1988-1991
Parau (pre-Alien Scream): Recordings 1988-1991
Power (pre-Power Metal): Recordings 1986-1987
Power Metal: Recordings 1987-1990 not on compilation
Purgatory (Jakarta, 1991): Recordings 1991-1992
Razzle: Recordings 1988-1991
Reax: Recordings 1991-1992
Roxx: Recordings 1987-1991 not on compilation
Rudal: Recordings 1987-1992 not on compilation
Separatis (Denpasar, 1992):
Stoorm V (Medan, 198x):
Straightmore (Medan, 198x):
Succubus (Malang, 1990):
Sucker Head: Recordings 1989-1992 not on compilation
Syndrome (Semarang, 1992):
Val Halla/Valhalla (Medan): every recording not appeared on compilation


Actually I just need original copies of:

-Nuklus (christian hard rock/metal): 7" Ep 1993
-Nuklus (christian hard rock/metal): Kasaysayan ni juan Tape 1993 (AMP Music Phils. / Aguilar Music Phils. - Vicor Phils.)
-The Abyss (christian hard rock/metal from Cebu): Demolition of liars Tape 1992
-The Abyss (christian hard rock/metal from Cebu): Thy Throne Tape 1993

And some information about these bands. All these bands are from the late 80's/early 90's only.
bands who already appear on compilations (and never recorded anything else) are not listed as all the metal/thrash/death compilaton tapes and cds made in the philippines are already widely known and all traced down except for 2-3 whose tracklist is still missing. But I have no information of possible existing recordings (or i have photos without tracklist) of the following or in some case i just need a decent copy to replace mine:

A.O.D. (Agony Of Destruction):
Abyss: Songs on Behind the Walls 2 VHS 199x
Anno Domini/Mutiny In Manila:
Banned (1992):
Bonehead: Kargado CD 1995 (PolyCosmic - for this I just need the latest re-release only)
Brimstone In Fire: Winter, Lord of Misrule Demo Recordings 1995
Bubonic Plague:
Brutal Punishment:
Casket (1991):
City Limits: Para sa iyo 7" (year unknown)
Cookie Monster:
Crematorium/Krematorium/Kampo Santo/Sacrilegion:
Crimson Chain:
D.A.D.: every song not on compilation
D.F.A. (Death From Above): every song not on compilation
Dead Sperm: every song not on compilation
Depth Charger: every song not on compilation
Discant X: every song not on compilation
Drastic Noise: every song not on compilation
Flaming Hemorrhoids:
Friday The 13th:
Grind Kingz:
Gum Bleed:
Hammerhead (pre-Signos):
Hayp: Caught in the crossfire CD 1991 (WEA - just need an original copy in good quality)
Heardunder: Magkukulam, Sakim on Atungal Tape 1995 (just need a decent copy)
Horoscope: Tondo/Ispiritu ng pag ibig 7" Ep 1978
Iconoclast: Unveiling the aftermath Demo 1993
Kambing: Demo 1996
Kaptain Bakal: Demo recordings 198x
KNK/Kryptik Death:
Loads Of Moterhood:
M.A.D. (Mutual Assured Destruction):
Mere Mercy (1985-1992):
Mushroom Cloud:
Political Chaos:
Puneraria/Earth Angel/Kundinado:
Rancid Butcher:
Razorback: Hebigat sounds Volume One CD 1995 (the most recent re-release)
Red Corpse: Recorded chaos Rehearsal Demo 1997 (7 tx)
Resurrected: Race war Demo 1993
Sacrilege: Demo
Scum (with Joe Pangan): Rehearsal Demo 1992
Signos: Eternal sleep Tape 1995
Sky Church/Skychurch: Ep 1996
Smile Plenty (noisecore):
Solitude (1991):
South Of Heaven (198x):
Temper Of The Times (pre-Dahong Palay):
The Wait (198x):
V.O.D. (Valley Of Death): Demo 1987
Violent Psyche (1986-1987):
Warlak (Warlock, 1994): Rock study Unreleased CD 1997
Wolfgang: Demo 1994 (2 tx: Darkness fell, Left alone)
VV.AA.: Themes of madness Tape 1993 (Iconoclast, Posthumous, Scum, Death After Birth)
VV.AA.: Tuklas - Musical competition Live Concert - Vol. 2 Tape 1985

so, you can see.... well, my knowledge of southern east asia is not that small....

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Re: Malaysia/Singapore Metal (...and vinyl)

Post#18 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 2:43 am

As always in these exotic matters your input is invaluable. If you would be interested in compiling this info into a more structured article for the site, that would be awesome.
I'm also interested in more info about the compilations, both tapes and vinyl, for the sake of the Compilopedia. Would you be able to share audio and scans?
Veterans of the Various-Wars - New Corroseum compilations-compilation series!

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