Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
35001 Bengal Tigers Metal Fetish MLP 1984 Licensed from SM Records (1982).

5146 Riot Warrior 12" EP 1984  
45001RiotBorn In America LP 1984Licensed from Quality Records (1983).
45002TorchWarlock LP 1984Licensed from Tandan Records (1983, as s/t).
45003UranusMaiden Voyage LP 1984Licensed from Jam Power Records (1983).
45004Tora ToraMade In America LP 1984Licensed from Frizz Bee Records.

45 005VanadiumGame Over LP 1984Licensed from Durium Records.
45006Street FighterShoot You Down! LP 1985NOT a ZYX release per se, but released by the Venus label, which was marketed by ZYX.
45007WastedHalloween... The Night Of LP 1985Licensed from Midus Music (1984).
45008VanadiumLive On Streets Of Danger LP 1985Licensed from Durium Records.
20.098 Vanadium Corruption Of Innocence LP 1987Licensed from Durium Records.

Note: This might actually have been a release on the motherlabel ZYX Records.

Releases under the ZYX Metallic imprint:
ZM 1001DemonNight Of The Demon LP 1988Licensed from Carrere Records (1981).

ZM 1002 Demon The Unexpected Guest LP 1988 Licensed from Carrere Records (1982).

ZM 1003DemonNight Of The Demon/The Unexpected Guest CD 1988Licensed from Carrere Records (1981/1982).
ZM 1004DemonBritish Standard Approved LP/CD 1988Licensed from Clay Records (1985).

ZM 1005 ? ? LP/CD 1988  
ZM 1006 Demon Heart Of Our Time LP/CD 1988 Licensed from Clay Records (1985).

ZM 1007 ? ? LP/CD 1988  
ZM 1008DemonBreakout LP/CD 1988Licensed from Clay Records (1987).

ZM 1009 ? ? LP/CD 1988  
ZM 1010 Salem's Law Tale Of Goblin's Breed LP/CD 1989 Review
ZM 1011 Anvil Pound For Pound LP/CD 1989 Licensed from Metal Blade Records (1988).
ZM 1012 Attack Destinies Of War LP/CD 1989 "German Power Metal" might leave a bad taste in your mouth, but Attack were the epic, Maidenseque, heterosexual exception. Perhaps Germany's most underrated together w/ Tempest. If you haven't picked up Steel Legacy Record's vinyl editions of "7 Years In The Past" and "The Secret Place" yet you're an idiot.
ZM 1013Tattooed Love BoysBleeding Hearts And Needle Marks LP/CD 1988Licensed from Metal Blade Records.
Different cover art from original.
ZM 1014 Citron Radegast LP/CD 1989 Licensed from Supraphon Records (1989).
Different cover art from original.
ZM 1015DamienStop This War LP/CD 1989 
ZM 1016 Noisehunter Too Young To Die LP/CD 1989  
ZM 1017 Cro-Mags Best Wishes LP/CD 1989 Not Metal. Crossover.
Licensed from Profile Records.
Compiled by DaN Edman.