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F668.755 Brainstorm Overkill MLP 1984 Review
WBLP 1 Tsunami s/t LP 1984 The heavy "Call Off The Dogs" display some sharp teeth and could almost have fit on an early Exciter album as the token Heavy Cruncher, otherwise it's pretty play-by-numbers US Heavy Rock.

Licensed from Enigma Records (1983).

WB LP 2 Darxon Killed In Action LP 1984 Review
WB MLP 003 No More Laughter In The Wings MLP 1984 Not Metal. New Wave/Electro.
WB LP 4 Avenger Prayers Of Steel LP 1984  
WB LP 5 Stormwind Taken By Storm LP 1984  
WB MLP 6 Der Riß They All Do ...Image MLP 1985 Not Metal. Punk side-project by various RAGE/AVENGER-members.
WB MLP 7 Metal Sword Harder Than Steel MLP 1985 Swords! Metal! Steel! Satan!! One of the true greats of Mean Olde Euro-Metal together w/ Future Tense, Trial and Invader. Every song rule, every riff kill, everything about this mini rips. "The Exorcist" is their "Swords Of Vengeance". Thank doG they never got the chance to 'develop' on a disappointing, watered-down full-length 2 years later.

WB MLP 8 Sharkfin Rockblood MLP 1986 6-track MLP that was recorded but never released.
(No, not even test pressings)
WB LP 9 Greifenhagen Only For The Night LP 1986 Review
WB 710 Darxon Holding On 7" 1985  
WB 1112 No More Suicide Commando 12" EP 1985 Not Metal. New Wave/Electro.

Available on black and white vinyl.
WB 1212 The Residents Diskomo 12" 1985 Not Metal. Experimental/Electro (..but hey, who doesn't love The Residents?!)
WB 1312 Darxon Tokyo MLP 1985 Review
WB 1412 Avenger Depraved To Black MLP 1985 Review
WB 1512 Stormwind Warbringer MLP 1985 Review
WB 1612 One Hundred Names s/t 12" EP 1985 Not Metal. Electro/pop.
WB 1712 Mainstreet Black Dream MLP 1985  
WBX 1 Europe-X-Port Future Sound Spettacolo 12" EP 1985 Not Metal. Italo-disco.
WBLP 8810 The Slam Wanna Smell You LP 1988 Not Metal. Garage rock?
Co-released by Heartbeat Music.
WBCD 8811 The Slam Killing Time 3" CDS 1988 Not Metal. Garage rock?
Co-released by Heartbeat Music.
WBHMV 1 His Master's Voice The Seeds Of Sorrow CD 1992 Not Metal. Goth/alternative.
BBLP 1 Dust s/t LP 198? Licensed from Kama Sutra Records (1971).
BBLP 2 V/A Metal For Muthas LP 198? Licensed from EMI (1980).
More info here.
BBLP 3 Wipers Youth Of America LP 1986? Not Metal. Punk rock.
Originally on Park Avenue Records.
Releases also distributed by Wishbone
HB2001 Six Point Six Fallen Angel LP 1984 Released on Hot Blood Rec.

WM 8850 Mephisto s/t MLP 1988 Released by Miracle Records.

E.M.S. 466-11/9 Ravage Swords & Heroes MLP 1989 Released by Autark Music Productions.

Compiled by Andrew (Moscow) and DaN Edman. Additions by Ferdinand Köther (label owner), Thomas Bieri and Göran Jacobson.