Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
CCG1 Brutal Obscenity 5 Tracks Of Brutal Crossover
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MLP 1990  
CCG2 Xyster Black Bible MLP/CD 1990  
CCGCD001 Brutal Obscenity / Xyster C.C.G. Compact Disc Selection CD 1990 Featuring the 2 recordings above.
CCG3 Tynator Living In Pain MLP 1990  
CCGCD3 Tynator Living In Pain MLP/CD 1990  
CCG4 Cold Steel s/t LP 1990  
CCG5 Horde Of Torment Product Of A Sick Mind MLP 1990  
CCG6 Ripping Corpse Splattered Remains MLP 1990  
CCG7 Armoured Angel Wings Of Death MLP 1990
CCG8 Leprocy Brutal Occupation MLP 1990  
CCG009 Holy Order Hateful Rage MLP 1990  
CCG10 Never Sleep Crime Don't Pay MLP 1991  
CCG011 Exmortis Immortality's End MLP 1991  
CCG012 Funeral Nation State Of Insanity MLP 1991 The same recording was "officially" released one year later as the "Reign Of Death" MLP on Turbo Music.
CCG013 Merciless Vomiting Nausea MLP 1991 They later changed their name to Mercyless, as to not be confused with the Swedish Merciless.
Compiled by DaN Edman. Additional info by Gary Robert Kelly and Peter Ott.