Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
MX 8019 Exodus Bonded By Blood LP 1985 Co-released by Combat.
88561-8098 Tension Breaking Point LP 1986 It starts off with the timeless HAWAII-classic "One Nation" and belive it or not, it doesn't go downhill after that. Tom Gattis' vocals have a lot of Bobby Blitz in him, but while they have their share of speedy Thrash-moments this has more in common with the album below than the one above.

Co-released by Combat.

88561-8138 Hades Resisting Success LP 1987 Co-released by Combat.
72248 Mucky Pup Can't You Take A Joke LP 1988 No. No, I can't, sorry. If this counts as humor I'm happy to call myself a humorless bore.

Co-released by Medusa.
72250 Gothic Slam Killer Instinct LP 1988 Co-released by Medusa.
72332 Hades If At First You Don't Succeed LP/CD 1988 Co-released by Medusa.
88561-2001 Exodus Fabulous Disaster LP/CD 1989 Co-released by Combat.
88561-5001 Mucky Pup A Boy In A Mans World LP/CD 1989 Not Metal. Crossover.
88561-5002 Trash Broadway s/t LP/CD 1989  
FE 45407 Gothic Slam Just A Face In The Crowd LP/CD 1989 Co-released by Epic.
88561-5034 Mucky Pup Now CD 1990 Not Metal. Crossover.
Compiled by DaN Edman.