Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
SHARK 001Kublai KhanAnnihilation LP 1987Licensed from New Renaissance Records.

SHARK 002WehrmachtShark Attack LP 1987I can't help thinking the band and label found eachother because of the album name.
Licensed from New Renaissance Records.
SHARK 003Metal OnslaughtCease To Exist LP 1987 
SHARK 004SepulturaMorbid Visions LP 1987Licensed from Cogumelo Records.
SHARK 005X-Mas Projects/t LP/CD 1987CD-edition released in 1989.

SHARK 006SepulturaSchizophrenia LP/CD 1987Licensed from Cogumelo Records.
CD-edition released in 1988.
SHARK 007May-Linns/t LP/CD 1987 Review
SHARK 008 Powerlord The Awakening MLP 1986 Originally on a private label w/ slightly different cover art (red logo + title).

CD-SHARK 008 Maxx Warrior/
s/t/The Awakening CD 1988 POWERLORD originally on a private label in 1986.

MAXX WARRIOR originally released on vinyl on the Shark-related US Metal Records in 1986. The song "Burning Down The Gates Of Hell" was omitted from this CD-version.
SHARK 009WehrmachtBiermächt MLP 1987Licensed from New Renaissance Records.
SHARK 010BulldozerIX LP/CD 1988Licensed from Discomagic.
SHARK 011DeathrageSelf Conditioned, Self Limited LP/CD 1988Licensed from Metalmaster Records.
SHARK 012 Sepultura/ Metal Onlsaught Morbid Visions/Cease To Exist CD 1989 Sepultura licensed from Cogumelo Records.
SHARK 013Blood Feast/Kublai KhanKill For Pleasure/Annihilation CD 1989Licensed from New Renaissance Records.
SHARK 014MassacraFinal Holocaust LP/CD 1990 
SHARK 015ThanatosEmerging From The Netherworlds LP/CD 1990 
SHARK 016PatriarchProphecy LP/CD 1990 
SHARK MC 017SepulturaSchizorphrenia/Morbid Visions MC 1990 
SHARK 018MassacraEnjoy The Violence LP/CD 1991 
SHARK 019?? ? 1991 
SHARK 020 Strider s/t LP/CD 1991  
SHARK 021Titan ForceWinner-Loser LP/CD 1991 
SHARK 022Naritas/t CD 1991 
SHARK 023Phantoms/t LP/CD 1991 
SHARK 024 N.A.O.P. New Age Of Politics CD 1993Not Metal. Crossover.
SHARK 025ThanatosRealm Of Ecstacy LP/CD 1992 
SHARK 026AntidoteThe Truth LP/CD 1992Vinyl version only as promo.
SHARK 027 Osiris Futurity And Human Depression LP/CD 1992  
SHARK 028HämmerTerror LP/CD 1992Vinyl version only as promo.
Compiled by DaN Edman. Additional info by Avenger.