Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
KKLP 101 V/A Metal Killers LP 1984 featuring:
Black Sabbath, Twisted Sister, Judas Priest, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Diamond Head, The Hard featuring Bernie Torme, Accept, Nazareth, UFO, Quarz and Sledgehammer.
KKLP 102 V/A Metal Killers II LP 1984 featuring:
Motörhead, Marseille, Young Blood, Girlschool, Waysted, Michael Shenker, Uriah Heep, Heavy Pettin, Manowar, Nightwing, Pallas and DiAnno.
KKLP 103 V/A Metal Inferno LP 1984 More info here.
RAWLP 001 Venom From Hell To The Unknown DLP 1985  
RAWLP 002 V/A Rock Fury DLP 1985 Not Metal. Hard Rock, classic rock etc..

Golden Earring, Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ted Nugent, Argent, Status Quo, Blue Öyster Cult, Pat Benatar, James Gang, Journey and Humble Pie.
RAWLP 003 Raven The Devil's Carrion DLP 1985 
RAWLP 004 V/A Metal Killers III LP 1985 featuring:
Motörhead, Tank, Girlschool, Hawkwind, Thor, Jaguar and Wendy O. Williams.
RAWLP 005 Tokyo Blade Warrior Of The Rising Sun DLP 1985  
RAWLP 006 Gary Moore White Knuckles LP/CD 1985 
RAWLP 007 Magnum Anthology LP/CD 1986 Not Metal. aor/pomp.
RAWLP 008 Thor Live In Detroit LP 1985 Licensed from Viper Records.

Different cover art from the original.
RAWLP 009 Tank Armour Plated DLP 1985  
RAWLP 010 Bernie Tormé Back With The Boys LP 1985 Not Metal. Hard Rock.
RAWLP 011 Motörhead Anthology DLP/CD 1985  
RAWLP 012 Uriah Heep Anthology DLP/CD 1985 
RAWLP 013 Girlschool Race With The Devil DLP 1986 
RAWLP 014 Colosseum Epitaph LP/CD 1986 Not Metal. Prog/jazz rock.
RAWLP 015 Hells Belless/t LP 1986 
RAW SS001 Hells Belles Barricades 12" 1986 
POWLP 1 V/A Halloween DLP 1986 Probably the most unique and collectable of all the Raw Power releases is this odd, silver-sleeved Finland-only release: Black Sabbath, Bathory and Sarcofagus on the same bloody album!?

Peer Günt, Zero Nine, Highscore, Ironcross, Oz, Smack, Backsliders, Dawson, Hiroshima, Mentzer, Wrathchild, Spitfire, Albert Järvinen Band, Hanoi Rocks, Trash and Holy Dolls.
RAWLP 016 Hanoi Rocks Dead By Christmas DLP 1986 Not Metal. Glam rock.

First 10 000 copies w/ bonus flexi.
RAWLP 017 Black Sabbath We Sold Our Souls For Rock'n'Roll DLP/CD 1986 
RAWLP 018 Paul Samson Joint Forces LP 1986 
RAWLP 019 Waysted Completely Waysted LP 1986 Not Metal. Hard Rock.
RAWLP 020 Paul Di'Anno's Battlezone Fighting Back LP 1986 Licensed from Powerstation Records.

(...though it should be noted there is no Powerstation vinyl version available for this record)
RAWLP 021 The Groundhogs Moving Fast, Standing Still DLP 1986 Not Metal. Blues rock.
RAWLP 022 Vardis Vigilante LP 1986  
RAWLP 023 Gary Moore Anthology DLP 1986  
RAWLP 024 Venom The Singles 80-86 LP 1986  
RAWLP 025 Angel Witch Doctor Phibes LP 1986  
RAWLP 026 Ted Nugent Anthology DLP/CD 1986 Not Metal. Hard Rock.
RAWLP 027 Atomic Rooster Home To Roost DLP/CD 1986 Not Metal. Prog rock.
RAWLP 028 The Outlaws On The Run Again LP 1986 Not Metal. Classic rock.
RAWLP 029 UFO Anthology DLP/CD 1987 Not Metal. Hard Rock.
RAWLP 030 Uriah Heep Live In Europe 1979 DLP/CD 1987 Not Metal. Hard Rock.
RAWLP 031 Lynyrd Skynyrd Anthology DLP 1987 Not Metal. Southern rock.
RAWLP 032 Amon Düül II Anthology DLP 1987 Not Metal. Krautrock.
RAWLP 033 Quiet Riot Wild, Young And Crazee DLP 1987 Not Metal. Hard Rock.
RAWLP 034 Gary Moore Live At The Marquee DLP/CD 1987  
RAWLP 035 Todd Rundgren Anthology DLP/CD 1987 Not Metal. Classic rock.
RAWLP 036 Joe Walsh Welcome To The Club DLP 1987 Not Metal. Classic rock.
RAWLP 037 Aerosmith Anthology DLP/CD 1987 Not Metal. Hard Rock.
RAWLP 038 Saxon Anthology DLP/CD 1988  
RAWLP 039 Nazareth Anthology DLP/CD 1988 Not Metal. Hard Rock.
RAWLP 040 Y&T Anthology DLP/CD 1989 Not Metal. Hard Rock.
RAWLP 041 Uriah Heep Live DLP/CD 1990 Not Metal. Hard Rock.
Compiled by DaN Edman.