Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
RLP-001 V/A Metal Clogs LP 1982 Also released with blue/white sleeve.

More info here.
RMLP-002 Mercyful Fate s/t MLP 1982 It's The Corroseum's firm belief that the "OMGZ!! 200 copies!!1!"-bs heard about the white border first pressing is dealer-hype. Yes it's rare, but not 200x-rare.

Printable insert scan
RMLP-003 Sortilége s/t MLP 1983 Printable insert scan

RMLP-004 Sortilége s/t MLP 1983 This was supposed to be an English version but it was never released.
RMLP-005 H-Bomb Coup De Metal MLP 1983  
RMLP-006 Gilgamesj Take One MLP 1983  
HMLP-007 Arti Rhythm Can't O.D. on R&B! MLP 1984 Not Metal. Blues Rock from label owner Jac Hustinx.

(Technically this album is credited to "Hounddog Records", but it was the 7th release of the label. No lost RMLP-007 Metal masterpiece out there, sorry.)
RLP-008 H-Bomb Attaque LP 1984  
  RLP-009 Black Widow Streetfigher LP 1984 Possibly a planned release, but in all likelyhood this was never properly released on Rave-On. It came out on Roadrunner instead.
RMLP-010 Evil Evil's Message MLP 1984 Review
RLP-011 V/A Rave-On Hits Hard LP 1985 More info here.
RMLP-012 Astaroth The Long Loud Silence MLP 1985  
RMLP-013 Life On Grey Dead Bob LP 1989 Not Metal. Alternative Rock.
LOG-014 Life On Grey Welfare/Brown Eyed Sally promo 7" 1990 Not Metal. Alternative/funk rock.
Compiled by Andrew (Moscow). Additions by DaN Edman and DMR.