Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
DEVIL 1 Devil Childe s/t MLP 1985 Half Venom, half Pentagram, 100% metalploitation and one of the finest releases in this non-genre. We bow our heads to Sirs Starr & Hasselvander.

DEVIL 2 Phantom Lord s/t LP 1985 2 covers exist - the one on your left and one with red logo on black background. Same label, same #.
DEVIL 3 Joe Hasselvander Lady-Killer LP 1985  
DEVIL 4 Pentagram s/t LP 1985 One of The Geat Immortals, right up there with "Number Of The Beast", "Don't Break The Oath" and "Into Battle. I was gonna add 'Why it took them another 20+ years to break big is a mystery', but quickly realized that would be a lie.
HRT-2-21983-D5 Hammers Rule After The Bomb MLP 1985 "Show No Mercy" was a good but uneven album, the latter thanx to a couple of illfitting hair-metal numbers. Here they've picked 2 great songs from the debut LP + added another 2 absolute scorchers: the facepounding "Kamikaze-Mission Of Death" and the near-epic "Stop The World", making this a highly underrated US Metal mini!

Co-released by Web Records.
DEVIL 6 Ded Engine s/t LP 1985 Don't know what's sexier, the silver band logo or the hotness of Pentagram Records itself, but the cool kids will defintely bully you if your mom comes home with the Black Dragon budget version. Good Heavy Metal stock.
Compiled by DaN Edman. Additions by Thomas Bieri.