Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
MFN1 Vigin Steele s/t LP 1983 Originally on a private label in 1981.
MFN2 Ratt s/t MLP 1983 I'm sure it's considered a classic in it's own genre, but for me it's pretty much the archetype of dull US Glam/Street Metal. I mean, they're not fuckin' P*ison but merely not being fuckin' P*ison is very far from enough...

Originally on Time Coast Records.
MFN3 Tank This Means War LP/Pic-LP 1983  
MFN4 V/A The Kids Are United LP 1983 Not Metal. Punk/Oi.

Sham 69, Exploited, Cockney Rejects, Splodge, UK Subs, 4-Skins, Angelic Upstarts etc.
MFN5 Virgin Steele Guardians Of The Flame LP 1983 Originally on Mongol Horde.
MFN6 Manowar Into Glory Ride LP 1983 I have to blame the lackluster opener "Warlord" for my difficulties of getting deep into this album in the early days. That, and the fact that it's a more obscure and less instant affair than the 2 following behemoths.

Licensed from Megaforce Records.
MFN7 Metallica Kill 'Em All LP 1983 Licensed from Megaforce Records.
MFN8 Battleaxe Burn This Town LP 1983 Review
MFN9 Tsunami s/t LP 1984 Probably the kewlest drawing of a tsunami ever put on a Metal album. I really think they've captured it's ...tsunaminess. The meat & potatoes rockmetal accompanying it won't raise that many eyebrows tho'.

Licensed from Enigma Records (1983).

MFN10 Mercyful Fate Melissa LP 1983  
MFN11 Rox Violent Breed LP 1983  
MFN12 V/A Hell On Earth LP 1983 Featuring:
Metallica, Virgin Steele, Mercyful Fate, Battleaxe, Ratt, Tank, Rox, Talas and Manowar.
MFN13 Earthshaker s/t LP 1983 Licensed from Nexus Records.
MFN14 Anthrax Fistful Of Metal LP/CD/ Pic-LP 1984 Licensed from Megaforce Records.
MFN15 Hellion s/t MLP 1984 Originally on Bongus Records (1983). 2 bonus tracks.
MFN16 The Rods Live LP 1984 Licensed from Combat Records (1983)
MFN17 Exciter Violence & Force LP 1984 Licensed from Megaforce Records.
MFN18 Twelfth Night Live & Let Live LP 1984  
MFN19 Manowar Hail To England MLP 1984 My wife insists this is Manowar's best album. I don't think she's listened much to the rest of their discog, but I get why she still insists on being right. Everything about "Hail To England" screams "I'm the best bloody album by this bloody band dammit!" and on every second, non-"Sign Of The Hammer"-day of the week I won't disagree.
MFN20 Helstar Burning Star LP 1984 Licensed from Combat Records. Different cover art.
MFN21 Earthshaker Fugitive LP 1984 Licensed from Nexus Records.
MFN22 Loudness Disillusion LP 1984 Licensed from Denon Records.
MFN23 Alaska Heart Of The Storm LP 1984  
MFN24 Wendy O'Williams W.O.W. LP 1984 Licensed from Passport Records.
MFN25 Battleaxe Power From The Universe LP 1984 Review
MFN26 Tank Honor And Blood LP 1984  
MFN27 Metallica Ride The Lightning LP 1984 Licensed from Megaforce Records.
MFN28 Mercyful Fate Don't Break The Oath LP 1984 Having had a semi-christian upbringing, my first experience with MF - this very album - was a genuinely creepy experience. The image, the rumors, the dangerous aspects of Heavy Metal was never as present, before or after. Maybe that's why this particular 10-outta-10'er has left such a mark in me..

Licensed from Roadrunner Records.
MFN29 The Rods Let Them Eat Metal LP 1984 Licensed from Combat Records.
MFN30 V/A Hell Comes To Your House LP 1984 Featuring:
Manowar, Exciter, Anthrax, Earthshaker, Hellion, Loudness, Helstar, The Rods, Tsunami and Alaska.
MFN31 Waysted s/t MLP 1984  
MFN32 V/A Strictly For Konnoisseurs DLP 1984 Featuring:
1994, Legs Diamond, Desmond Child & Rogue, American Tears, 707, Marcus, Reckless, Wrabit, Moxy, Tantrum, Zon, Balance, Teri DeSario, Rex, Mayday!, Trigger, The Boyzz, Jam Ram, Joe Perry, Angel, Starz, The Reggie Knighton Band, Trillion, Max Webster and Starcastle.
MFN33 TKO In Your Face LP 1984 Licensed from Combat Records.
MFN34 Jack Starr Out Of The Darkness LP 1984 Licensed from Passport Records.
MFN35 Earthshaker T-o-k-y-o MLP 1985 .
MFN36 Twelfth Night Art & Illusion MLP 1985  
MFN37 Earthshaker Midnight Flight LP 1985 Licensed from Nexus Records.
MFN38 Loudness Thunder In The East LP 1985 Licensed from Atco.

MFN39 Q5 Steel The Light LP 1985 Originally on Albatross Records w/ different cover art.
MFN40 Rogue Male First Visit LP 1985  
MFN41 Alaska The Pack LP 1985  
MFN42 Savatage The Dungeons Are Calling MLP 1985 Licensed from Combat Records.
MFN43 Waysted The Good, The Bad, The Waysted LP 1985  
MFN44 Exodus Bonded By Blood LP/CD 1985 Licensed from Combat Records.
MFN45 Thrasher Burnin' At The Speed Of Light LP 1985 Licensed from Combat Records.

MFN46 Megadeth Killing Is My Business LP/CD/ Pic-LP 1986 Licensed from Combat Records.
MFN47 Exciter Long Live The Loud LP 1985 Licensed from Combat Records.
MFN48 Savatage Sirens LP/CD 1985 Originally on PAR Records in 1983 w/ different cover art.

MFN49 V/A Welcome To The Metal Zone DLP 1985 Featuring:
Rogue Male, Exciter, Mercyful Fate, Q5, Wendy O'Williams, Tank, Megadeth, TKO, Waysted, Battleaxe, Savatage, Loudness, Exodus, Earthshaker, Alaska, The Rods and Jack Starr.
MFN50 Tygers Of Pan Tang The Wreck-Age LP 1985  
MFN51 Robin Trower Beyond The Mist LP 1985  
MFN52 Legs Diamond Out On Bail LP 1985 Licensed from Target Records (1984).
MFN53 Rio Borderland LP 1985  
MFN54 V/A Speed Kills LP 1985 More info here.
MFN55 Sugarcreek s/t LP 1985  
MFN56 Baby Tuckoo Force Majeure LP 1986  
MFN57 Eric Martin s/t LP 1986 Not Metal. aor.
MFN58 Surgin' When Midnight Comes LP 1986  
MFN59 Legs Diamond Land Of The Gun LP 1986  
MFN60 Metallica Master Of Puppets LP/CD/ Pic-LP 1986 Licensed from Electra Records.
MFN61 Exciter Unveiling The Wicked LP 1986 Licensed from Combat Records.
MFN62 Anthrax Spreading The Disease LP 1986 Licensed from Island Records.
MFN63 V/A Beyond The Metal Zone DLP 1986 Featuring:
Surgin', Savatage, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Legs Diamond, Metallica, Baby Tuckoo, Eric Martin, Waysted, Robin Trower, Exciter, Rio, Thrasher and Sugarcreek.
MFN64 Q5 When The Mirror Cracks LP/CD 1986 CD-version includes the "Steel The Light" LP as bonus.
MFN65 Rio Sex Crimes LP 1986  
MFN66 Agent Steel Unstoppable Force LP/CD 1986 Licensed from Combat Records.
MFN67 The Creek s/t LP 1986 Not Metal. Rock/aor.
MFN68 Rogue Male Animal Man LP 1986  
MFN69 Poison Look What The Cat Dragged In LP/CD/ Pic-LP 1986 Licensed from Capitol Records.
MFN70 Stryper To Hell With The Devil LP/CD 1986 Licensed from Enigma Records.
MFN71 V/A The Singles Album DLP 1986 Featuring:
Tank, Rox, Virgin Steele, Metallica, Mercyful Fate, Earthshaker, Alaska, WASP, Loudness, Wendy O. Williams, Exciter, Rogue Male, Q5, Waysted, Eric Martin, Baby Tuckoo, Legs Diamond and Agent Steel.
MFN72 Stryper Soldiers Under Command LP/CD 1986 Licensed from Enigma Records (1985).
MFN73 Hellion Screams In The Night LP/CD 1987 Licensed from New Renaissance Records.
MFN74 Stryper Yellow And Black Attack MLP/CD 1986 Licensed from Enigma Records (1984).
MFN75 Heathen Breaking The Silence LP/CD 1987 Licensed from Combat Records.
MFN76 Zoetrope A Life Of Crime LP 1987 Licensed from Combat Records.

MFN77 Exodus Pleasures Of The Flesh LP/CD/ Pic-LP 1987 Licensed from Combat Records.
MFN78 Tigertailz Young And Crazy LP/CD/ Pic-LP 1987  
MFN79 Michael Furlong Breakaway LP 1987  
MFN80 Wild Dogs Reign Of Terror LP 1987 Licensed from Enigma Records.
MFN81 Lääz Rockit Know Your Enemy LP 1987 Licensed from Enigma Records.
MFN82 Hellion Postcards From The Asylum MLP 1988 Licensed from New Renaissance Records.
MFN83 V/A Nightmare On Carnaby St. DLP 1988 Featuring:
Exodus, Heathen, Hellion, Agent Steel, Wild Dogs, Zoetrope, Lääz Rockit, Q5, Rio, Tigertailz and Rogue Male.
MFN84 Barren Cross Atomic Arena LP 1988  
MFN85 Suicide Squad Live It While You Can MLP 1987  
MFN86 King Cobra III LP/CD 1988 Licensed from New Renaissance Records.
MFN87 Impellitteri Stand In Line LP/CD 1988  
MFN88 Shout It Won't Be Long LP/CD 1988  
MFN89 Meanstreak Roadkill LP/CD 1988 *yawn* I think I'll just take a little nap under this car and hope that no-one notices and takes a photo. Don't wanna end up on some late 80's mid-league Heavy/Speed album cover again...

Licensed from Mercenary Records.

MFN90 Exodus Fabulous Disaster LP/CD/ Pic-LP 1989 Licensed from Combat Records.
MFN91 Fisc Handle With Care LP/CD 1989 Licensed from N.E.W Musidisc.
MFN92 Shout In Your Face LP/CD 1989  
MFN93 Blue Blud The Big Noise LP/CD 1989  
MFN94 Jet Red s/t LP/CD 1989 Not Metal. Melodic rock/aor.

Licensed from Relativity Records.
MFN95 Candlemass Tales Of Creation LP/CD/ Pic-LP 1989
EPs & Singles
12 KUT 101 Tank Echoes Of A Distant Battle 12" EP 1983  
12 KUT 102 Manowar Defender 12" 1983 A good reminder of how fiercly original they were back in the better part of the 80's. NO-ONE dared to be this ott epic in 1983!
12 KUT 103 Rox Krazy Kutz 12" EP 1983  
12 KUT 104 Virgin Steele A Cry In The Night 7"/
12" EP
12 KUT 105 Metallica Jump In The Fire 12" EP/ Shaped 12" 1984  
12 KUT 106 Mercyful Fate Black Funeral
Black Masses
12" 1984 Were I to pick 20 MF song from random memory, I doubt "Black Funeral" would be one of them. "Black Masses" most certainly would though.
12 KUT 107 EarthshakerBlondie Girl 12" EP 1984  
12 KUT 108 Alaska Suzie Blue 7"/
12 KUT 109 W.A.S.P. Animal (F**k Like A Beast) 12"/ Shaped 12" 1984  
12 KUT 110 Loudness Roadracer 12" 1984  
12 KUT 111 Wendy O. Williams It's My Life 7"/
12 KUT 112 Metallica Creeping Death 12" EP/
Pic-12" EP/ MCD
1984 The finest sleeve art the band ever had. Everybody loves that doom riff in the middle of the song, but we love "Am I Evil" and "Blitzkrieg" even more.

Also on ltd ed gold vinyl (no p/s)
The CD inlcuded "Jump In The Fire" EP as bonus.
12 KUT 113 Exciter Feel The Knife 12" EP 1985  
12 KUT 114 Rogue Male All Over You 12" EP 1985  
12 KUT 115 Q5 Steel The Light 12" 1985  
12 KUT 116 Alaska Miss You Tonight 7"/
12 KUT 117 Waysted Heaven Tonight 7"/
12" EP
12 KUT 118 Rio I Don't Wanna Be The Fool 7"/12" 1985  
KUT 119 Eric Martin Information 7" 1986 Not Metal. aor.
12 KUT 120 Baby Tuckoo Rock Rock 12" EP 1986
12 KUT 121 Legs Diamond Turn To Stone 12" EP 1986
12 KUT 122 Rogue Male Belfast 12" EP 1986
12 KUT 123 Rio Atlantic Radio 7"/
12" EP
12 KUT 124 Agent Steel Mad Locust Rising 12" EP 1986 Licensed from Combat Records.
12 KUT 125 Poison Talk Dirty To Me 7"/12" EP 1986
12 KUT 126 Stryper Calling On You 7"/
12" EP
(12) KUT 127 Poison Cry Tough 7"/12" EP 1987
(12) KUT 128 Michael Furlong Savin' The Best For You 7"/12" 1988
(12) KUT 129 Tigertailz Livin' Without You 7"/12"/
(12) KUT 130 Alaska Headlines 7"/12" EP 1988  
(12) KUT 131


? ? 198?
(12) KUT 132 Tigertailz Love Bomb Baby 7"/12"/
(12) 133 KUT Blue Blud Running Back 7"/12"/
Compiled by DaN Edman. Additional info by Avenger.