Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
VOV 661-663? ? ? ? 198?  
VOV 664 V/A Fast Forward To Hell LP 1987 More info here.
VOV 665 Virus Pray For War LP 1987  
VOV 666 Deliverance Devil's Meat LP 1987  
VOV 667 Deathwish At The Edge Of Damnation LP 1987 Review
VOV 668 Anihilated Created In Hate LP 1988  
VOV 669 Virus Force Recon LP 1988  
VOV 670 Lord Crucifier The Focus Of Life LP 1988  
VOV 671 Ardkore Napalm Stix To Kidz LP 1989  
VOV 672 Prophets Of Doom Access To Wisdom LP 1989  
VOV 673 Deliverance Evil Friendship LP 1989 Review
VOV 674 Incubus Serpent Temptation LP 1989 European pressing. Licensed from Brutal Records, USA.

VOV 675 Anihilated The Ultimate Desecration LP 1989  
VOV 676 Vulcano Bloody Vengeance LP 1989 Licensed reissue. Originally released on the brazilian Rock Brigade label in 1986 with different cover art. It's worth noting that the sound on this version is better than the original, mostly due to better pressing quality.
VOV 677 Virus Lunacy LP/CD 1989  
VOV 678 M.T.A. The Record LP 1989  
VOV 679 Deliverance The Book Of Lies LP/CD 1990  
VOV 680 Necrosanct Equal In Death LP/CD 1990  
Compiled by Andrew (Moscow). Additions by DaN Edman.