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Other Records
OTH 1 Virtue We Stand To Fight 7" 1985 Review
OTH 2 5:30 Catcher In The Rye 12" EP 1985 Not Metal. New Wave.
OTHC 3 Passion Of Ice s/t MC 1985 Not Metal. Goth.
OTH 4 V/A Daytime 7" EP 1985 Not Metal. Electro/New Wave.

Steve Herridge, Electric Dog Sex, Passion Trade and Andrew Horrey.
OTH 5 V/A Bloodsucker 7" EP 1986 Not Metal. Punk?

Nick Toczek, Criminal Sex, Blood And Thunder And Free Born.
OTH 6 V/A Battleaxe 7" EP 1987 More info here.
OTH 7 Bob Hope / Watching King Kong Al Green/In The Cupbored (love) 7" 1987 Not Metal. Alternative pop/rock.
OTH 8 Aces & Eights Hard Luck Stories ? 1987 Not Metal. Alternative pop/rock.
Metalother Records
OTH 9 V/A Metal Warriör MLP 1987 More info here.
OTH 10 V/A The Last Warrior MLP 1987 More info here.
OTH 11 First Offence s/t LP 1988 It's quite obvious the label had the sleeve finished long before they got to hear the final product. It's a much more melodic (almost poppy at times) effort than the artwork would lead you to believe, but for the most part not in a bad way. It kinda reminds me of the better melodic moments of Witchfynde, while the heavier bits sound like something Ebony would have put out a few years prior.
OTH 12 Hydra Vein Rather Death Than False Of Faith LP 1988  
OTH 13 Not Fragile Who Dares Wins LP 1988
G.I. Records
GILP-1 V/A First Wave LP 1988 Not Metal. Alternative rock.

The Vulcans, Passion Of Ice, The Price, Airlane, The Innocents, This Change Is Everything, The Trees, The Raindogs, All Over The Place, The Chain and The No No's.
GILP-2 V/A Expose It! LP 1989 Not Metal. Alternative rock.

No Man Is An Island, Passion Of Ice, The Keatons, Bordello, Gadgets, Pows, Revolution, Kick Ass, Cybernauts, New English, Tall Americans and Sinister Family.
GILP 333 Mournblade Live Fast, Die Young LP/CD 1988 Also released as a promo in 100 copies w/ black sleeve and signed photo. CD features 1 bonus track: "Whizzkid"

GILP 444 Trojan The March Is On LP 1988  
GILP 555 The Black Riders Chosen Few LP 1988 Review
GILP 666 Bitches Sin Invaders LP 1988 Different cover, recording and tracklist from the 1986 US release on King Classic.

GILP 777 Landslide Bad Reputation LP 1989  
GILP 888 St. Hellier Terra Firma LP 1989  
GILP 999 V/A Shooting From The Hip LP 1989 More info here.
Compiled by Andrew (Moscow) and DaN Edman. Additions by Thomas Bieri.