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SX 2913 Dragon Fallen Angel LP 1990 "Horda Goga" had a spark of Eastern Eeriness about it, despite the trad-Thrash performance. Here they're just failing at being Poland's Morbid Angel (Imperator won that race by miles..).

Technically only the cassette version is credited to Metal Muza. The LP version still uses the original Polskie Nagrania Muza label.
SX 2914 Non Iron Candles And Rain LP 1990 
SX 2918Acid Drinkers Are You A Rebel? LP
1990Ew... 'Humor Thrash' might be an even worse abomination than numt'l. Dunno who's worse, these guys or the infamous C.Y.D.H.I.E. Genoside?

CD version has no Metal Muza credit, only mother label PNM.
SX 2931 V/AStars On Thrash LP 1990Licensed from Roadrunner Records.

Flotsam & Jetsam, Mucky Pup, DRI, Pestilence, Toxik, Paradox, SOD, Acrophet, Gothic Slam, Slayer, Sacred Reich, Znöwhite, The Great Kat, Atrophy and Hades.
SX 2932 SepulturaBeneath The Remains LP 1990Licensed from Roadracer Records / RC Records.
SX 2936 C.Y.D.H.I.E. Genoside Ashes To Ashes - Only Rosie Forever LP 1990 It's not only the doGawful vocals. The annoyance-factor is miles high on this prog-thrash monstrosity and just like the debut this is utterly unlistenably and best avoided at any cost.
SX 2953 Marty Friedman Dragon's Kiss LP 1990 
SX 2954 Wolf Spider Hue Of Evil LP 1990 
SX 2964DestroyersThe Miseries Of Virtue LP 1991 Review
SX 2979 HammerTerror LP 1991They've upped the speed & energy from the debut and with an unusually crisp production & mix accompanying, this makest it the strongest of their 2 albums ...which by no means makes it a masterpiece but nonselective die-hard Thrashers should def' check this one out.
SX 2994TurboDead End LP 1991 
Compiled by DaN Edman.