Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
MET 101 ? ? ? 198?  
MET 102 Deathrage Self Conditioned, Self Limited LP/CD 1988 CD-edition released in 1990.
MET 103 Schyte The Darkness Comes LP 1988 False alarm! This should be awesome with the b/w sleeve, neat logo, olde english title font and of course being from Italy, but it isn't. Metal Forces made the Schyte/shite-joke already back in '88 and I wouldn't go that far, but just state it's funny-bad, demo-level Speed/HM that wants to be Dark & Evil but comes off as a joke-band. Not nearly as funny and interesting as UK's Deliverance despite a few embryos of good song ideas.
MET 104 Adramelech Irae Melanox LP 1988 Review
MET 105 Hocculta Back In The Dark LP 1988  
MET 106 Royal Air Force Fasten Your Seat Belts LP 1988  
MET 107 Strana Officina Rock & Roll Prisoners LP 1988 It doesn't look like much compared to their great previous MLP, but while it does steer slightly towards more commercial territories it's still another awesome release from one of Italy's finest. They would have done great on a Danish tour together with Pretty Maids, Randy and Witch Cross in 1987.
MET 108 Overage Sin City LP 1988  
MET 109 Bulldozer Neurodeliri LP 1988  
MET 110 Drama Once And For All LP 1988  
MET 111 Death SS In Death Of Steve Sylvester LP 1988 Review
MET 112 Nadaij Welcome MLP 1989  
MET 113 Sabotage Hoka Hey LP 1989  
MET 114 Necrodeath Fragments Of Insanity LP 1989  
MET 115 Alastor Syndroms Of The Cities LP/CD 1989  
MET 116 Dragon Horde Of Gog LP 1989  
MET 117 Death SS Vampire Pic-12" EP 1989  
MET 118 Nuclear Simphony Lost In Wonderland LP 1989  
MET 119 Royal Air Force Leading The Riot LP 1989  
MET 120 Death SS Black Mass LP/
1989 Review
MET 121 Necrodeath & Schizo Mondocane - Project One LP 1989  
MET 122 Bulldozer Alive In Poland LP 1990  
MET 123 Turbo Epidemic LP 1990  
MET 124 Astharoth Gloomy Experiments LP 1990  
MET 125 V/A Metalmaster Compilation LP/
1990 Featuring:
Death SS, Bulldozer, Sabotage, Deathrage, Turbo, Astharoth, Necrodeath & Schizo, Nuclear Simphony, Royal Air Force, Strana Officina, Drama, Nadu, Hocculta, Dragon and Alastor.
MET 126 Deathrage Down In The Depth Of Sickness LP 1990  
MET 127 Death SS King Of Evil 12" EP/
Pic-12" EP
Compiled by Niclas Johansson and Andrew (Moscow) and DaN Edman. Additions by Rob Preston and Sovdat.