Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
0001LoudnessThe Birthday Eve LP 1983Licensed from Columbia Records.
0002LoudnessDevil's Soldier LP 1983Licensed from Columbia Records.
0003LoudnessLaw Of Devil's Land LP 1983Licensed from Columbia Records.
0004Akira TakasakiTusk Of Jaguar LP 1983Licensed from Columbia Records.
0005AxewitchThe Lord Of Flies LP 1984Licensed from Fingerprint Records.
Sinister Eyes
LP 1984Licensed from Tandan Records.
0007AcidManiac LP 1984
0008M-80s/t MLP 1984
0009LoudnessLive Loud Alive - Loudness In Tokyo DLP 1984Licensed from Columbia Records.
0010MartyrFor The Universe MLP 1985 Review
0011 Emerald Down Town LP 1985 A more rare version w/ red sleeve also exists.
0012SniperQuick & Dead LP 1985 Licensed from Electric Lady Land Records. Different cover art from the original.
0013SniperOpen The Attack LP 1985Licensed from Electric Lady Land Records.
0014Sacred RiteThe Ritual LP/CD 1985 Review
0015WrathFit Of Anger LP 1986
0016Exisess/t LP/CD 1986What we have here is a prime example of so-called "Poser-Metal" and of course it sounds more American than very, VERY American things. Luckily they're not trying to be prettyboys about it and they do know how to churn out decent hard rock dittys. (No, it literally never gets more interesting than 'decent'.)
? Exises Stay With Me 7" 1986
0017AngusTrack Of Doom LP 1986
0018Sacred RiteNothing Is Sacred LP 1986 Review
1219AngusPapa Don't Freak 12" EP 1987Madonna novelty-cover
0020 Angus Warrior Of The World LP 1987
Compiled by Dan Edman. Additions by Avenger.