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MRI 069 Metallica Kill 'em All LP/CD 1983 CD-version released in 1986.
MRI 169-666 Manowar Into Glory Ride LP 1983 Definitely the doomiest, dirtiest & darkest of all their albums, but I can't quite follow the popular argument that this also makes it their best..
MRI 269 Raven All For One LP 1983 Licensed from Neat Records.
MRI 369 Mercyful Fate Melissa LP 1983 Licensed from Roadrunner Records.
MRI 469 Anthrax Fistful Of Metal LP/CD 1984 CD-version released in 1986.
MRI 569 Exciter Violence & Force LP 1984  
MRI 669 V/A Born To Metalize LP 1984 More info here.
MRI 769 Metallica Ride The Lightning LP 1984  
MRI 869 Grave Digger Heavy Metal Breakdown LP/CD 1984 Licensed from Noise International. Includes 2 bonus tracks: Storming The Brain and Shoot Her Down.
MRI 969 Raven Live At The Inferno DLP


Licensed from Neat Records.
MRI 1069 Blue Cheer The Beast Is Back LP 1985  
MRI 1169 Grave Digger Witch Hunter LP 1985 When US labels change the track list from a European original it's usually for the worse, adding some dreadful 'radio-friendly' material. Luckily this wasn't the way of the Zazulas and this time the yanks got the better end of the bargain. Gone is the sappy "Love Is A Game" and superflous "School's Out" cover, added is the great "Metal Attack Vol. 1" comp session + the exclusive "Don't Kill The Children".
Licensed from Noise International.
MRI 1269 S.O.D.
Stormtroopers Of Death
Speak English Or Die LP 1985 The joke-songs have aged rather poorly, but classic thrashers like "Milk", "United Forces", "Freddy Krueger", "Kill Yourself" and plenty more still stand tall among the mid-80's competition - which was probably the hardest competition in the history of Metal, so there you go...
MRI 1369 Blessed Death Kill Or Be Killed LP 1985  
MRI 1469 Overkill Feel The Fire LP 1985  
MRI 1569 V/A From The Megavault LP 1985 More info here.
Singles & EPs
IOM-1 Venom Die Hard/Acid Queen
Immortals Of Metal #1
Pic-7" 1983  
IOM-2 Mercyful Fate Black Funeral/Black Masses
Immortals Of Metal #2
Pic-7" 1983 Review
MRS 01 Anthrax Soldiers Of Metal 7" 1983  
MRS 02 ? ? ? 198?  
MRS 03 Lone Rager Metal Rap 12" 1984 Novelty "rap-metal" (first ever?) project featuring labelowner John Zazula backed up by The Rods.
MRS 04 Metallica Whiplash 12" EP 1984  
MRS 05 Anthrax Armed & Dangerous 12" EP/Pic-EP 1985  
Compiled by DaN Edman. Additional info by Avenger.