Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
20MR.LP.001 Hellen Talon Of King MLP + Flexi 1985 BIG melodic/pomp-Metal that's not quite as amazing as the beautiful cover art or collector-hype would lead you to believe.

22MR.LP.001 Hellen Talon Of King MLP 1986 ...or maybe it's just my lack of appreciation for this sort of softy, ultra-Japanese, keyboard-drenched Purple/Rainbow/Scandinavian-Metal stuffs talking.

2nd pressing. No flexi this time and a slightly smaller logo on the front cover.
25MR.LP.002 Shella Listen! LP 1985 Basic mainstream hard rock meets basic maintream Heavy Metal, though not even the faster "Again" leaves a lasting impression.
10MR.7P.003 Jewel Sing It Pic-7" 1985  
25MR.LP.004 The Datura One Night Dream LP 1985 Review
28MR.LP.005 Zodiac Hot Line LP 1985  
28MR.LP.006 Jewel Jewel I LP + Flexi 1986  
22MR.LP.007 Dancer In The Beginning LP 1986  
28AL-3001 V/A Hungry Days LP 1987 On Mandrake Root sub-label Astral Lady.


Excuriver, Kiss-Relissh, Girl Tique, Zealous, Virgin Killer, D'erlanger, Armenian Dance, Ace, Genocide and Alkaloid.
10MR.7.008 D'erlanger Girl 7" 1987
10MR.7.009 Precious Crazy For Your Love 7" 1987  
10MR.7.010 Dancer Grave Digger 7" EP 1987  
28MR.LP.011 Terra Rosa The Endless Basis LP 1987 Review
10MR.7.012 Bottoms Up! Bad Boys 7" 1988  
28MR.LP.013 Dancer Violent Emotion LP 1988  
10MR.7.014 Precious Blasting Your Head 7" 1988  
30MR.CD.015 Precious To Glory We Steer CD 1990  
20MR.CD.016 Precious Singles Collection MCD 1991  
22MR.CD.017 Babylon Farewell CD 1991  
30MR.CD.018 Dante In The Lost Paradise CD 1991  
30MR.CD.019 Bad Loser Utter Indifference CD 1991
MR.F.001-004 ? ? Flexi 198?  
MR.F.005 Jewel Ruins Of Death Flexi 1988
8MR.CT.01 Panic In The Zu Die For The Noise MC 1988  
10MR.CT.02 Babylon Riding The Storm MC 1988  
8MR.CT.03 Nasty Rose s/t MC 1989  
12MR.CT.04 Frenzy s/t MC 1989  
10MR.CT.05 Nautiluss Octopus Paradise MC 1989  
10MR.CT.06 King's Road s/t MC 1990  
10MR.CT.07 Dante Dante 2 MC 1990  
10MR.CT.08 Bad Loser s/t MC 1990  
Compiled by DaN Edman. Special credits to Kusare Metal.