Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
IR4272Dual Edge Knock 'em Alive LP 1987 It would be unfair to Poser Metal to call this Poser Metal. This is christian Poser Metal. Yeah, have a good taste of that phrase for while. Bitter, inni't?

Only as US LP.
VengeanceHuman Sacrifice LP/CD 1988 
SSR 8116
Sacred Warrior Rebellion LP/CD 1988The third and last Intense product that was released on LP in the US.
RO 9061
Angelicas/t LP/CD 1989LP version was released on mother label Frontline.

RO 9063
BloodgoodOut Of The Darkness LP/CD 1989  
RO 9072 Deliverances/t LP/CD 1989 
RO 9075Sacred Warrior Master's Command LP/CD 1989 
RO 9077
Vengeance Rising Once Dead LP/CD 1990 
RO 9089DeliveranceWeapons Of Our Warfare LP/CD 1990 
FLD 9091 Bloodgood The Collection CD 1991  
RO 9097TourniquetStop The Bleeding LP/CD 1990 
CD01990 V/A Hot Metal Summer III - Cold Facts, Hot Licks CD 1990 featuring:

Tourniquet, Deliverance, Sacred Warrior, Vengeance Rising, Recon, Bloodgood, Scatered-Few, Angelica, Ransom and Zaffiro.
FLD 9098 Magdallan Big Bang CD 1992 Not Metal. Hard Rock.
CD09099 David Zaffiro In Scarlet Storm CD 1990 Not Metal. aor.
RO 9201ReconBehind Enemy Lines LP/CD 1990 I've tried and tried again but can't for the life of me figure out why this one seems so popular among US Metal fans & collectors. Sure, it's heavier than your average WM-pussys but not one single track stands out or offers an excuse for a 2nd spin. Zzzzzzzz....

R09204AngelicaWalkin' In Faith LP/CD 1990Not Metal. aor.
RO9209Sacred Warrior Wicked Generation LP/CD 1990Sometimes I wonder if there are more Queensrÿche-clones out there than there are Maiden-clones, at least from the US late 80's/early 90's? While they're surely not on par with Heir Apparent or Crimson Glory they're still great little copykittens and I'd rank this the ugliest of their relases their best.
RO 9219BloodgoodAlive In America - Live Volume One LP/CD/
RO 9220 Bloodgood Shakin' The World - Live Volume Two LP/CD/
FLD9221 Ransom s/t CD 1991  
RO 9233Tamplin And Friends An Axe To Grind LP/CD 1990Not Metal. aor.
FLD9244TourniquetPsycho Surgery CD 1990 
FLD 9245 Vengeance Rising Destruction Comes CD 1991  
FLD9250 Angelica Rock, Stock & Barrel CD 1991 Not Metal. aor.
FLD 9253 Deliverance What A Joke CD 1991  
FLD9254 Sacred Warrior Obsessions CD 1991  
FLD9258 Ken Tamplin Soul Survivor CD 1991 Not Metal. aor.
FLV9259 V/A Hot Metal 4 - The Video VHS 1991 featuring:

Ken Tamplin, Angelica, Deliverance, Ransom, Tourniquet, Vengeance Rising and Shout.
FLD9260 Sanctuary Praise s/t CD 1991 Not Metal. religious wankery.
FLD 8501
(original sleeve)
FLD 9264
(censored sleeve)
Mortifications/t CD 1991 
FLC 9272 V/A Art For The Ears MC 1991 featuring:

Angelica, Deliverance, Mortification, Sacred Warrior, Sanctuary Praise, Shout, Ken Tamplin, Tourniquet, Vengeance Rising and Ransom.
FLD9274 Lanny Cordola Electric Warrior, Acoustic Saint CD 1991 Not Metal. aor/acoustic.
FLD9275 Randy Rose Sacrificium CD 1991 Not Metal. Alternative/modern "metal".
FLD9277 Mortification Scrolls Of The Megilloth CD 1992  
FLD9278 Vengeance Rising Released Upon The Earth CD 1992  
FLD9280 Ransom Soul Asylum CD 1992 Not Metal. Hard Rock.
FLD9281 Mortal Lusis CD 1992 Not Metal. Industrial Rock.
FLD9282 Angelica Time Is All It Takes CD 1992 Not Metal. aor.
FLD9283 Die Happy s/t CD 1992  
FLD9286 Tourniquet Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance CD 1992  
FLD9291 Shout/Tamplin At The Top Of Their Lungs CD 1992 Not Metal. Hard Rock.
FLD9299 V/A An Intense History Of Christian Metal CD 1992 featuring:

Tourniquet, Deliverance, Vengeance, Magdallan, Sacred Warrior, Angelica, Ransom, Mortification, Mortal, Randy Rose, Bloodgood, Shout and Lanny Cordola.
FLD9403 Deliverance Stay Of Execution CD 1992  
Compiled by DaN Edman.