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? Eddie Dixon
[a.k.a. Eddy Dixon]
Relentless 7" 198? This surf/rockabilly/slide guitar-type number was featured on the soundtrack to the film "The Loveless" from 1981 and it's only mentioned on the Wikipedia-page (and straight-up copies thereof) on Hellhound, but it was most certainly never released.
HELL 02 Jingo De Lunch Axe To Grind LP/CD 1989 Not Metal. Punky hard rock ...which I remember liking quite a lot back in the days and compared to plenty of other non-Metal albums from this period it hasn't aged too badly.
HELL 03 Scarlet Red Alert LP/CD 1989 Dated 70's-type Hard Rock, just barely tangenting (proto-)HM and never ever coming close to Doom-territiories.
01-6806-SPV Weinachts Botschaft Here Comes Santa Claus / Schweinebells 7" 1989 Not Metal. Novelty?

Wikipedia mentiones a self-titled GOD B.C. album as this release, but while it's possible the band and label were in contact already back then, the GOD B.C. debut came out on Wild Rags and nowhere else. The SPV distribution code however places this 7" smack in the middle of HELL 03 and HELL 05.
HELL 05 Saint Vitus V LP/CD 1989 Not confessing your unconditional love for Saint Vitus is pretty much social suicide in True Metal/Doom circes, but what can you do.
HELL 06 Toxic Reasons Anything For Money LP/CD 1989 Not Metal. HC/Crossover.
HELL 07 The Lazy Cowgirls How It Looks - How It Is LP/CD 1990 Not Metal. Punk rock.
HELL 08 The Obsessed s/t LP/CD 1990  
HELL 09 Count Raven Storm Warning LP/CD 1990 Available on black, blue and green vinyl.
HELL 010 Saint Vitus Live LP/CD 1991 Available on black, green, grey and blue vinyl.
HELL 011 Hyste'riah G.B.C. Snakeworld LP/CD 1991 Ever wondered why 'Swedish Thrash' never became a Thing? No, me neither. Similar but unfortunately not as funny-bad as their GOD B.C.-days, this is just dated, play-by-numbers, dime-a-dozen snoozery and how ze hell did they end up here??
HELL 012 Angelus Kneel Down And Pray LP/CD 1991

This looks almost perfect in all its doomic glory but no, not Metal. Hopeless 'alternative metal'/modern hard rock with a groove/hc edge.

HELL 013 Pigmy Love Circus Drink Free Forever MLP 1991 Not Metal. Alt. rock that wants to 'badass', making it even more insufferable...
HELL 014 V/A What The Hell! CD 1985 Featuring:
Shrapnel, The Obsessed, Internal Void, Angelus, Hyste'riah G.B.C., Pigmy Love Circus, Count Raven and Lost Breed.
HELL 015 The Obsessed Lunar Womb LP/CD 1991
HELL 016 Pigmy Love Circus When Clowns Become Kings LP/CD 1992 Not Metal. More yuch'y alt.rock that will never be as cool as Killdozer hower hard they try...
HELL 017 Saint Vitus C.O.D. LP/CD 1992 
HELL 018 Internal Void Standing On The Sun CD 1992 
HELL 019 Count Raven Destruction Of The Void CD 1992 
HELL 020 Revelation Never Comes Silence CD 1992 I don't think I'm ready to bloom into a proper Revelation-fan just yet, mostly thanx to the fact I'm a bit of a riff sweet-tooth, often falling for the instantly likeable and catchy a la Pentagram, Iron Man, C-mass etc. That being said I need to point out that Revelation rises above plenty of the competition in at least one apect: they are a truly original band and twist and turn their riffing and chords in the most surprising ways without becoming Confessor-levels annoying.
HELL 021 Unorthodox Asylum CD 1992  
HELL 022 Iron Man Black Night CD 1993 My fave Hellhound release and band. This is how great I always imagine The Obsessed, Saint Vitus or Count Raven to be before I put them on, but then they never quite manage to catch my attention with every single tune the way this album does. Almost Pentagram-levels. Almost.
HELL 023 Lost Breed The Evil In You And Me CD 1993  
HELL 024 Wretched Life Out There CD 1993 As if the cover art didn't make it obvious, these guys sound a little too much 90's for the comfort of your average 80's Metal/Doom fan. I mean, they're not fucking grunge or anything, but neither are they as Metal as, let's say Revelation.
HELL 025 Buzzard Churp!!! CD 1993  
HELL 026 Count Raven High On Infinity CD 1993  
HELL 027 Year Zero Nihil's Flame CD 1993 The rowdy, super-British vocals and the overall melancholic vibe definitely brings this filthy, doomic post-Metal Hard Rock up a notch.
HELL 028 Vortex Of Insanity s/t CD 1994  
H 029 The Obsessed The Church Within CD 1994  
H 0030-2 Unorthodox Balance Of Power CD 1994  
H 0031-2 Wretched Psychosomathic Medicine CD 1994  
H 0032-2 V/A Hellhound Compilation CD 1994 Also released in a special 4-page A4-size folder edition.
Saint Vitus, Unorthodox, Count Raven, The Obsessed, Vortex Of Insanity, Lost Breed, Buzzard, Wretched, Revelation, Iron Man, Year Zero and Jingo De Lunch.
H 0033-2 Lost Breed Save Yourself CD 1995  
H 0034-2 Iron Man The Passage CD 1995  
HELL 0035-2 Saint Vitus Die Healing CD 1995  
H 0036-2 Revelation Yet So Far CD 1995  
H 0037-2 Blood Farmers s/t CD 1995  
H 0038-2 Year Zero Creation CD 1995  
H 0039-2 Hundred Years s/t CD 1995  
H 0040-2 It Is I Evolve CD 1995  
H 0041-2 Wretched Center Of The Universe CD 1995  
H 0042-2 Count Raven Messiah Of Confusion CD 1996


Compiled by DaN Edman.