Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
EXP-HM251 Sabbrabells s/t LP 1983 Review
EXP? Rosemary Hiraku No Uen/Everyobdy Liar Flexi? 7"? 1983  
EXP-HM252V/AHeavy Metal Force LP 1984More info here.
EXP-HM-281 V/A Heavy Metal Force II LP 1984 More info here.
EXP-NH-281 V/A Neo Hard Shock LP 1985 More info here.
EXP-HM301 Casbah Live - Bang Your Heads To Hell Flexi 1985  
EXP-R0151 Rosemary Live At Explosion MLP 1985 Not Metal. Indie/"college" rock w/ some minor Hard Rock leftovers.
EXP-R0701 Talgevo Live At Explosion 8"
1985 Not Metal. Punk rock.
EXP-HM701 Jurassic Jade Live At Explosion Flexi 1985  
EXP-ZB501 No-One's s/t 8" Flexi 1985 Not Metal. Pop-punk.

Co-released by Z-Bomb.
EXP-VPL 121 Gara Manifest 8" EP 1985 Not Metal. Goth rock.

Co-released by Vital Plant Ltd.
EXP-HM702 Dementia Dementia Live! Flexi 1985  
EXP-HM402 Saber Tiger Double Cross/Gold Digger Flexi 1985  
EXP-HM-403Lonesome Crows/t Flexi 1985 
EXP-HM-282 V/A Heavy Metal Force III LP 1985 More info here.
EXP-HMNH-1901 V/A Heavy Metal Force v/s Neo Hard Shock MLP 1986? Featuring:
Dementia, Ground Zero, Juggler, Bottom.

Apparently a promo/mailorder-only release. Get in contact if you know more.
EXP-VPL-10121 Surrealistic Men 覚醒期 7" EP 1986 Not Metal. Alternative rock?

Co-released by Vital Plant Ltd.
EXP-HM?DoomWhy?/Last Stand To Hell Flexi 1986 
EXP-HM101017 DoomGo Mad Yourself 7" EP 1986 
EXP-HM102018Ground ZeroEtherealize 7" EP 1986 
EXP-VPL-181019 Zoa s/t 12" EP 1986 Not Metal. Alternative rock?

Co-released by Vital Plant Ltd.
EXP-HM103020Jurassic JadeA Cradle Song 7" EP 1986 
EXP-RO403021 Gymnopedia s/t flexi 1986 Not Metal. Rock?

EXP-????22 ? ? ? 1986  
EXP-BF10123 The News Do! Do! Do! 7" 1986 Not Metal. Pop-punk. Co-released by Kojima Recordings..
EXP-HM283024DoomNo More Pain LP 1987  
EXP-HM283025V/AHeavy Metal Force IV LP 1987More info here.
EXP-HM104026 Shell Shock Self Defense 7" EP 1987  

EXP-????27 ? ? ? 1987  
EXP-HM201028Ground ZeroGate Of Death MLP + Flexi 1987 
EXP-HM202029Jurassic JadeWar By Proxy MLP + Flexi 1987 
EXP-HM-FREE030 Jurassic Jade / Ground Zero Seisinbyohsitsu / World War III Split-
1987 Featured as bonus in both the Ground Zero and the Jurassic Jade debut LPs.
EXP-HM285031 Sacrifice Crest Of Black LP 1987  
EXP-POE-281032 V/A Process Of Evolution Vol. 1 LP 1987 Not Metal. Alternative/goth/electro. Co-released by P.O.E. Records.

Genkaku Mime, Giel, Clockwork, L-Trans, Mannequin Neurose, Radio Insade, Surrealistic Men, Takei and Black Tanz.
EXP-POE-282033 Black Tanz s/t LP 1988 Not Metal. Alternative.
EXP-HM286034 Groovy Heels s/t LP 1988  

EXP-????35 ? ? ? 1988  
EXP.ING-1910136 V/A ING Omnibus LP 1988 Not Metal. Alternative/Punk. On sublabel ING.

The 急Brake Dangers, Togeo, The News, Talgevo and The Barret.
EXP-HM291037 V/A Heavy Metal Force V DLP 1988 More info here.
EXP-HM191038 V/A Skullsmash LP 1988 More info here.

EXP-????39 ? ? ? 1988  
EXP-BBB101040 V/A Beat! Beat! Beat! LP 1988 Not Metal. Rock'n'Roll.

The Browne, Chalk, The Greed, The Whizz and Hello.

EXP-????41 ? ? ? 1988  
EXP-HMC-121042 V/A Heavy Metal Force: Summer Special vol. 1 MC 1988 Featuring:
Led Boots, Arcadia, Atransia, Python, Dress and Velle Witch.
EXP-HMC701043 Velle Witch Blood Noblewoman MC 1988  
EXP-HMC122044 V/A Heavy Metal Force: Special vol. 2 MC 1988 Featuring:
Zip, Salamander, Beesknees, Love Drive, Velle Witch, .
EXP-HM-253045 Shell Shock Mortal Days LP 1989  
EXP-HM254046 Jurassic Jade Gore LP 1989  
EXP-RVCHM331047 V/A Heavy Metal Force Vol. 1 VHS 1989 Featuring:
Passion Rose, Dragon, Arcadia, A-S-H, Hi No Tori, To-Ya, Czus Palace, Velle Witch, Rough Mixx, Prince Of Wales, Mell-Rose, Belfast, Maryo and The Final.
EXP-RVCBC332048 V/A Beat City Vol. 1 VHS 1989 Not Metal. Rock.

The Browne, イエローダック, The Barret, カワサキ, Chalk, The Greed, The Whizz, Flame, 紅蓮, パラペッツ, Pearl Hammond and Hello.
EXP-RVCSS333049 V/A Skull Smash vol. 1 VHS 1989 Featuring:
Jurassic Jade, Shell Shock, Raging Fury, Dead Claw, Hell Child, Gabish, Airraid, Cassandra, Death Blow, Xenolith Oger, Spoiler and Dictator.
EXP-HMD251050 Doom No More Pain CD 1989  
EXP-HMC-123051 V/A Heavy Metal Force: Special - vol. 3 MC 198? Featuring:
The Lucifer, Camisole, Elsyon, White Slavery, Slipp.
EXP-HMD252051 Shell Shock Mortal Days CD 1989  
EXP-RE-252 Rasta Club Search For Love LP 1989? Not Metal. Reggae.
EXP-RVC334053 V/A Rock Video Circuit Special - Band Catalog 100 Video 1989? 100 band (!?) video collection featuring:
Dealer, Jurassic Jade, Lucifer, Maryu, Raging
Fury, Salamander, Shell Shock, Amazon, Endless, Resonance etc..
EXP-HMD253054 V/A Heavy Metal Force III CD 1989 More info here.
EXP-HMC702055 Lucifer s/t MC 1989  

EXP-????56-59 ? ? ? 1989  
EXP-RVC192060 Lucifer Shockin' Night Video 1989  

EXP-????61-63 ? ? ? 19??  
EXP-HMC95264 Innsomnia Human Cybernation MC 1990  
EXP-ING-201065 大島渚 大島渚 CD 1990 Not Metal. Rock. On sublabel ING.

EXP-????65-69 ? ? ? 1990  
EXP-HMC95570 Velveret s/t MC 1990  

EXP-????71-72 ? ? ? 1990  
EXP-HMC95873 Grand Slum Party Hard Rock n' Roll MC 1990 Not Metal. Rock.
EXP-HMC95974 Bad Boys s/t MC 1990  
EXP-lNG203075 The Powders s/t CD 1990 Not Metal. ?

EXP-????76 ? ? ? 1990  
EXP-HMC 95177 Zinx [Japanese title] MC 1990  
EXP-HMC 95278 Sarabande s/t (?) MC 1990  

EXP-????79 ? ? ? 1990  
EXP-NOW34480 V/A Now Presence Vol. 1 VHS 1990

Zinx, Infini, Ezra, Sarabande, Sonic Zoom, Bad Boys, Grand Slum, Lucifer, Atransia, Velveret and Insomnia.

EXP-RAW-25181 Dead Claw Bombed And Blasted CD 1990  
EXP-HMD254082 Jurassic Jade Gore (remix) CD 1991  
EXP‐ING1991083 福田眞純 クロックワーク・マイ・ハウス CD 1991 (probably) Not Metal.
EXP‐lNG2427084 The News Live In Japan CD 1991 Not Metal. Alternative.

EXP-????85 ? ? ? 1991  
EXP-ING255086 Tosei-Roudan/
Hungry Angry Band
渡世壟断 CD 1991 Not Metal. Alternative.
EXP-HMD-256087 Deathblow Meanless Propaganda CD 1991  
EXP-ING252088 The News Do! Do! Do! Do! Do! CD 1991 Not Metal. Alternative.

EXP-????89-91 ? ? ? 1991  
EXP-HMD-201092 V/A Power Of Explosion CD 1991 Probably not all Metal.

Wild Thing, Paradise, Wild Geese, Jean Geanie, The News, Velveret, Togeo, Gypsy's Wild, Julius Rose, Infini, Hizumi, Crowd Noise, Eddie House, Knife & Black and Gabish.

EXP-????93 ? ? ? 1991  
EXP-RAW252094 Jurassic Jade Never Forget Those Days CD 1991  
EXP-ING255095 The News 誰かの贅沢で 殺されたくはない CD 1991 Not Metal. Alternative.

EXP-????96 ? ? ? 199?  
EXP-HMD-257097 Zinx Irreplaceable XXX CD 1992  

EXP-????98 ? ? ? 199?  
V/A Independence 独立! 2CD 1993

Not Metal. Alternative.

The News, Power Of Emotion, Julius Rose, Eddie House, Rummy, くさびら, Actor and Outstan-Ding.

EXP-151101 Julius Rose やりたい放題宣言 CD 1993 Not Metal. Alternative.

EXP-???102 ? ? ? 1993  
EXP-ING256103 The News 呼ぶ声はかき消されなく声は届かない CD 1993 Not Metal. Alternative.
EXP-HMD-231104 Zinx Empty CD 1993  
EXP-HMC-955105 Glay Greatest Shadow MC 1993 Not Metal. Commercial "punk"/alternative rock.
EXP-HMC-956106 Glay Speed Pop MC 1993 Not Metal. Commercial "punk"/alternative rock.
EXP-RVC-501107 Glay Video VHS 1993 Not Metal. Commercial "punk"/alternative rock.
EXP-SPA251107 V/A From Zero CD 1993 (Mostly?) not Metal. Alternative.

珍幽菌, Zero Gravity, Quarterpass, Red House, Dog Eat Dog, The Seeker's After Truth and Jack Hammer.
EXP-181109 ノイジー・クラウズ システマティック・クライム VHS 1993 Not Metal, probably(?)
EXP-IND-151110 Julius Rose Chaotic Groove Performer CD 1993 Not Metal. Alternative.
EXP-251111 V/A Demo-9401 CD 1994 Featuring:
Stone Edge, Atomic Band, R, Red House, 偶麗威, Das Genie, Miscreant Invocation, Noisy Crowds, Hazel Crunch, Heartache.
EXP-HM101112 Red House Rock Or Die MCD 1994  

EXP-????113 ? ? ? 1994  
EXP-101114 V/A Demo-9402 CD 1994 Probably not all Metal.

Red House, 麝香猫, Elephant Shower, Win Field, Leven Camui, Carrion Crow, 雅, Far East, Young Soul Rebels and The News.
EXP-DMC253115 V/A Demo-9403 CD 1994 Probably not all Metal.

Atomic Band, Ash, Red House, デージー & レッツゴー, P/C Comissioner, 珍幽菌, 偶麗威-Tthe Guray, The News and 李世福Connection.
EXP-? V/A Demo-9404 CD 1994 Probably not all Metal.

Featuring: Red House, Erik Wizard etc..
EXP-HM102117 Red House The Kings Road MCD 1994  
EXP-DMC-254118 V/A Demo-9405 CD 1994 Probably not all Metal.

大砲, Speed Market, Syrup, The News, Noisy Crowds, Red House, ザ・超絶トリックスターズ and Crackers & Sweet Cakes.
EXP-HMC V/A Demo-9501 CD 1995 Probably not all Metal.

Featuring: Red House + more...
Compiled by DaN Edman. Additions by Yasu Fujii. Special credits to Kusare Metal.