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EBON 1 V/A Metal Fatigue LP  1982 3 pressings exist:

- old logo label (w/ thin sleeve) -
- generic label -
- logo label -

More info here.
EBON 2 V/A Synthetic Romance LP 1982 Not Metal. Various electro/new romantic/new wave. Featuring:
Johnny Dee, The Truth, Those Attractive Magnets, Stranger Station, Rowan Holiday, Liar, Low Profile, Factor 13, Biofeedback, Motifs and D.H.S.S.
EBON 3 V/A Sample & Hold LP 1982 Supposedly a non-Metal, Electro/New Wave comp
featuring amongst other:
Strange Behaviour, West One, Rivals, Function 3.
(One source does however claim that it also includes some NWOBHM..)
EBON 4 The Pete Ryan Band Dolly Parten's Tits 7" 1982 Not Metal. I think.
EBON 5 Moby Dick Nothing To Fear 7" 1982
EBON 6 V/A Metallic Storm LP 1982 3 pressings exist:

- orange splatter sleeve w/ generic label -
- b/w/red sleeve w/ generic label -
- b/w/red sleeve w/ logo label -

More info here.
EBON 7 Strategy Technical Overflow 7" 1982 Not Metal. Progressive rock.
EBON 8 V/A Metal Mainiaxe LP 1982 2 pressings exist:

- generic label -
- logo label -

More info here.
EBON 9 Chateaux Young Blood / Fight To The Last 7" 1982 The infamous Ebony-production makes this sound an awful lot more obscure than it really is. Both songs are great and about as cutting edge Metal as you'd get in 1982 so as far as NWOBHM singles w/ exclusive content go, this belong in the must-buy heap.
EBON 10 Savage Ain't No Fit Place / The China Run 7" 1982  
EBON 11 V/A Metal Warriors LP 1983 2 pressings exist:

- generic label -
- logo label -

More info here.
EBON 12 Savage Loose'n Lethal LP 1983 Review
EBON 13 Chateaux Chained And Desperate LP 1983 You simply cannot outEbony Chateaux. Partly because they had more releases out on the label than any other band and partly because they exemplified the kind of simple, straight-forward Metal out of which mould most Ebony-acts were cast.
EBON 14 V/A Metal Plated LP 1983 More info here.
EBON 15 Shy Once Bitten... Twice Shy LP 1983 I occationally hear some good words about this record from more open-minded NWOBHM-fanatics, but I'm sorry to say I can't second their opinion that this is anything more than poorly disguised aor.

EBON 16 Grim Reaper See You In Hell LP 1983 Review
EBON 17 Holland Early Warning LP 1983  
EBON 18 Chateaux Fire Power LP 1984 That sizzling, treble-heavy (crap) trademark Ebony-guitarsound is especially prominent on this midways release from Ebony's eboniest. Thank doG there's only the awful "Roller Coaster" touching sell-out territory, otherwise it's just as almost-good as anything else in their discog.
EBON 19 Demon Eyes Rites Of Chaos LP 1984 Review
EBON 20 Sterling Cook Force Full Force LP 1984  
EBON 21 Blade Runner Hunted LP 1984 Review
EBON 22 Nightmare Waiting For The Twilight LP 1984 The nasal vocals makes me think of Silver Mountain and they don't quite manage to ruin this tasty piece of Olde yet melodic Heavy Metal either.
EBON 23 Syron Vanes Bringer Of Evil LP 1984  
EBON 24 Samurai Sacred Blade LP 1984 Review
EBON 25 Samurai Fires Of Hell 7" 1984  
EBON 26 Blade Runner Back Street Lady 7" 1984  
EBON 27 Touched Dream Girl 7" 1984  
EBON 28 Touched Back Alley Vices LP 1984  
EBON 29 Hammer Contract With Hell LP 1985 Fans of heavier/faster NWOBHM will mostly only take the opening track to heart and I figure the praise I often hear for this record must come for die-hard Thin Lizzy fans. I'm also betting HIGH SPIRITS must hold this album very high, at least judging by the 3 final anthems.
EBON 30 Nightmare Power Of The Universe LP 1985  
EBON 31 Chateaux Highly Strung LP 1985 Qualitywise all 3 Chateaux are fairly even, though there is an ever so slight downward slope and on this their swansong it's mostly the faster moments, like the title track and the enticing "First Strike" that really stick out.
EBON 32 Grim Reaper Fear No Evil LP 1985  
EBON 33 Touched Deathrow LP 1985 The rawkin' parts make me think of "Shout At The Devil"-era M.Crüe, but the rest is mostly type A Ebony-Metal/B-grade NWOBHM ...which isn't a total slag-off mind you. It just kinda fades into the background.
EBON 34 Rankelson Hungry For Blood LP 1985 Review
EBON 35 Blade Runner Warriors Of Rock LP 1986 Review
EBON 36 Syron Vanes Revenge LP 1986  
EBON 37 Samurai Weapon Master LP 1986 Review
EBON 38 Tyga Myra Deliverance LP 1986 My 2 favourite things about this album is the unique, mesmerizing, almost fluorescent nuance of red adorning the cover art, and the riff in the chorus of "Dead Zone". On the whole it's a solid post-NWOBHM album and in the better, heavier & classier half of the Ebony stable.
EBON 39 Cobra Back From The Dead LP 1986  
EBON 40 Preyer Terminator LP 1986  
EBON 41 Blood Money Red, Raw And Bleeding LP 1986
EBON 42 Dealer First Strike LP 1986  
EBON 43 ? ? ? 1986?  
EBON 44 Fast Kutz Burnin' LP 1987  
EBON 45 Rankelson The Bastards Of Rock'n'Roll LP 1987  
EBON 46 Blood Money Battlescarred  LP/CD 1987
EBONS 100 V/A The Metal Collection Volume 1 LP 1987 More info here.
EBONS 101 V/A The Metal Collection Volume 2 LP 1987 More info here.
EBONS 102 V/A Metal Collection Volume 3 LP 1987 More info here.
EBONS 103 ? ? ? 1987?  
EBONS 104 V/A Rock Meets Metal LP 1987 More info here.
EBONS 105 V/A Rock Meets Metal Volume 2 LP 1987 More info here.
Reaction Records
UNREST 1 V/A Underground Resistance Volume 1 LP 1987 Various alternative stuff, though a band or 2 tangent Metal.

More info here.
UNREST 2 V/A Underground Resistance Volume 2 LP 1987 Not Metal. Various alternative stuff.

Cocophony, Divine Light, Prisoners Of War, Evil Mothers, Stax Century, TR28-20, Limited Edition, The Chain, Mousetrap Conspiracy, Jude Found Eden, Headhunters, Beat Of The Beast, Out Switch, Manifesto, Innocent Eyes and North Corporation.
UNREST 3 V/A Underground Resistance Volume III LP 1987 Mostly non-Metal. Various alternative stuff.

Das Tor, Deadly Intentions, First Offence, Thrilled Skinny, Technique, Trees, Innocent Elements, Die Laughing, Bad Blood, Temper! Temper!, Berlin Zu, The Rout, The Eternal and Shakedown.
UNREST 4 V/A Rock Masters LP 1988 More info here.
UNREST 5 V/A Sample & Hold
[volume 2]
LP 1988 Not Metal. Various alternative stuff..

Loaded, Jellystone Park, New Society, A Motion Industry, Hotline To Moscow, Johnny Guitar, The Reel Sound, Fuel To The Fire, Primary, The Big Picture, Euphoria, Goodnight Vienna, Legion and Potato Head.
UNREST 6 V/A Rock Meets Metal [volume 3] LP 1988 More info here.
UNREST 7 V/A New Reaction
[volume 1]
LP 198 Not Metal. Various alternative stuff.

5 O'Clock Approach, Mistaken Identity, Frank Fish & The Fins, Smoke Stack Lighting, The Resistance, Debauche, Noise Noise, The Readers Own Jazzmen, M4alice, Broken Faith, Gymnopedie, The Icemen, The Innocents and The Umbrellamen.
UNREST 8 V/A Full Force LP 1988 More info here.
UNREST 9 V/A New Reaction
[volume 2]
LP 1988 Not Metal. Various alternative stuff.

Mind The Gap, Mr Robinson, The Rain Devils, Magdalene Fields, Dream Studio, Candybox, Barbedwire, Mike Gari, Hands Up, One Touch To Go, The Partners, Touch And Go, Big Orange, Hands In The Heavens and Midnight Media.
UNREST 10 V/A Full Force Volume One LP 1988 More info here.
UNREST 11 V/A Full Force Volume Two LP 1988 More info here.
UNREST 12 V/A New Reaction
[volume 3]
LP 1988 Not Metal. Various alternative stuff.

Pyama Party, Man In The Mirror, The Angel Trip, Poisoned Electric Head, Crimson Cats, Rape In Yellow, The Fate Merchants, Reaction, B.L.VD Boulevard, Escape To Where, Felo De Se, A Kind Of Fury, The Dick Warren Experience, Harry Wharton & Co, Zanshin and The Disposables..
UNREST 13 ? ? LP 198?
UNREST 14 V/A Full Force Volume Three LP 1989 More info here.
UNREST 15 V/A New Reaction
[volume 4]
LP 1989 Not Metal. Various alternative stuff..

Stormed, The Quarry, You Me & Him, This Sporting Life, Raison D'etre, Boston Black, Call Me Clive, Candid Bench, Pure Passion, Bomb Culture, Internal Fear, At Colossus, The Herbs, Volapuk, Peter Carlson and Wasteland.
UNREST 16 V/A Full Force [volume 4] LP 1989 Featuring:

Butts, Clever Trevor, Ecce B, Sweet Revenge, Seventh Heaven, Rough'n'Ready, Panik Attak, Pump Action, Sparta, FX, Force Nine, Dangerous Affection, Loch-Ness, Tai Shan, Matriarch and Measure For Pleasure..
Compiled by Andrew (Moscow) (Reaction discog by Karl Nolan). Additions by DaN Edman, Rob Preston and Clive Hetherington.