Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
DM 0001 Torch s/t
Sinister Eyes
LP 1984 Licensed from Tandan/Sword Records (1983).
DM 0002 Axewitch The Lord Of Flies LP 1984 Licensed from Fingerprint Records.
DM 003 Hocculta Warning Games LP 1984  
DM 004 Halloween L.A.D.Y. MLP 1985 Good, but not amazing diverse Metal where only the glammy title track would count as a complete disappointment.
DM 005 Brightlights Higer'n'Higher MLP 1985 Another win for Italy and their great craftmanship in the field of EuroMetal! The catchy speeder "Higher", the riff-cake "Burnin' Flower", the heartwrenching chorus of "Days Of Glory" and even the semi-ballad closer all vibrate with the same dark forces as those of their counrymen Unreal Terror, Revenge and Rex Inferi.

DM 06 Elektradrive ...Over The Space LP 1986  
DM 007 Fil Di Ferro Hurricanes LP 1986 Side A reminds me of my Swedish pet-peeves Bullet, i.e. 80's AC/DC without the good parts. They improve some on side B with more uptemo, NWOBHM'y parts but not enough to make them reach the very high Italian average.
Compiled by DaN Edman.