Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
001 Slaughter Surrender Or Die MC 1985 The reason Slaughter were so awesome is mainly because Hellhammer/C.Frost were such Gods and the perfect, infallible source to nick ideas from. Some notable Bathory ("Eve Of Darkeness", "Maim To Please") & Sodom ("Shadow Of Death") references are also more present in these their old demo-days.
002 Sacrifice The Exorcism MC 1985  
003 Lethal Presence Unholy Alliance MC 1986  
FPL3019 Sudden Impact No Rest For The Wicked LP 1986 Not Metal. Crossover/HC.
FPL3020 Sacrifice Torment In Fire LP 1986  
FPS 1725 Slaughter Nocturnal Hell 7" EP 1986  
FPL3028 Slaughter Strappado LP 1987 Those guitars!!!

FPL3047 Sacrifice Forward To Termination LP 1987  
FPL3052 Dissection Final Genocide LP 1988 More kült than classic, a sprawling, occationally batshit crazy sound, often very proto-Death Metal, sometimes just very Metal full stop. For a minute here & there I love the shit out of it.

For unknown reasons this one only carries the Fringe-logo and no Diabolic Force-insignia, but the labels clearly states "A Diabolical Force Production By Brian Taylor".
FPL3056 Sudden Impact Split Personality LP 1988 Not Metal. Crossover/HC.
FPD3096 Sacrifice Soldiers Of Misfortune CD 1990 Their general "quite ok"ness is given a solid polish-work of the usual variety - a bit more technical, a bit more clean production etc. It's, um... quite ok.
FPD 3106 M.A.D. Taboo Of The Western World CD 1991  
FPD3118 Splatterpunk This Infinite God CD 1992  
? Dissection Garden Of Stone MC 1992 Metal Archives mentions Diabolic Force as the label behind this demo, but I've yet to see a complete scan of the sleeve to confirm this.
Compiled by DaN Edman.