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DEVIL'S 11-83
High Power s/t LP 1983 Picking up this album in an import shop in '83, the sheer novelty of Metal sung in French (!) must have been enough to bring out the Heavy superlatives. In hinsight, the HP debut won't score any major points on originality, but it did display a fair share of diversity in the songwriting dept. and as far as early French debuts go it's only surpassed by Vulcain, Blaspheme, Killers, Steel Angels, H-Bomb, Sortilége and a few others..

Printable insert scan / Review
DLS284 Attentat Rock Le Gang Des Saigneurs LP 1983  
DLS.5.84 Sortilège Métamorphose LP 1984 Printable insert scan
MAD 2004 Vulcain Rock'n'Roll Secours LP 1984 Review
MAD 2005 Der Kaiser Vautours LP 1984 Printable insert scan / Review
MAD 2006 Square Rock Stars LP 1985 Printable insert scan
MAD 2007 Voodoo Child Adrénaline LP 1985 Printable insert scan / Review
MAD 2008 Killers Fils De La Haine LP 1985 Seldom has one single track managed to put such a wet, stinky blanket on an album as the aaaawful ballad "Rosalind" does with Killers' otherwise exquisite debut. It kinda feels like you're speeding into the sunset in this hot muscle car and suddenly run into an elephant-sized pudding of snot. Sure, you're out on the other side after a few minutes but you've lost your pace and orientation. Thank doG there's still anthems like "Killers" and "Mercenaire" waiting around the corner..

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MAD 2009 ADX Execution LP 1985 Printable insert scan
MAD 2010 Vulcain La Dame De Fer 12" EP 1985  
MAD 2011 Epsylon s/t LP 1985 Review
MAD 2012 Strattson Ouf Metal LP 1985 Printable insert scan / Review
MAD 2013 V/A French Connection vol. 1 LP 1985 More info here.
MAD 2014 Morsure Acceleration Process LP 1985 Printable insert scan
MAD 2015 Voie De Fait Ange Ou Demon LP 1985 Originally on Arabella Records in 1982.

MAD 2016 Steel Angel ...And The Angels Were Made Of Steel LP 1985 Review
MAD 2017 V/A Bonjour l'Enfer LP 1985 Featuring:
Vulcain, Square, Killers, Epsylon, ADX, Sortilége, Strattson, Der Kaiser och Morsüre.
MAD 2018 Synthèse Prisoner LP 1985 Printable insert scan / Review
MAD 2019 Der Kaiser La Griffe De L'empire LP 1985 Printable insert scan / Review
MAD 2020 Rozz Une Autre Vie MLP 1986 Review
MAD 08 Rozz Another Life/Cauchemar promo 7" 1986 Ltd to 300 copies
MAD 2021 Jinx Stand Up For Rock'n'Roll Power MLP 1986 Review
MAD 2022 A Bomb From Memphis To Detroit LP 1986 Not Metal. Punk rock.
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