Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                      Comment                    
CDP1 Keen Hue Ogre King LP 1985  
CDP2 Cobra Warriors Of The Dead LP 1985  
CDP3 Sadwings Lonely Hero LP 1985 My fave release of the label and the opener "Love In Third Degree" stand out as one of the finest and most underrated 'Scanda-Metal'-tunes recorded. Needs to be on more want-lists, even if It sort of levels out towards the end.
CDP 4 Blackmayne s/t LP 1985 Not an unbeatable classic or anything, but a completely straight-down-the-middle NWOBHM archetype and a likeable one at that. In true Ebony-form all songs do tend to blend together a bit though. They should've taken the 200-ltd-copies, private-pressing route instead - would've made made them more Kült and less Forgotten.

CDP 5 Saigon One Must Die LP 1985 Less original than that 'pigriffin' with dragon-tentacles to the right, but it's quality Steel for sure. Not until the last handful of songs do you get to the really good stuff though and this took a couple of return-spins for me to fully appreciate.

Compiled by DaN Edman.