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CMGLP 001 Samson Refugee LP/CD 1990 Some day I'll give Samson a chance, honest. I do know for a fact however that this dull & dated stock hr triviality is not where I'll start.
CMGLP 002 Bride Silence Is Madness LP/CD 1990 The 2 first Bride-albums are very rare examples of 80's 'White Metal' that doesn't blow the least bit of godcock and are in fact must-buys for any and all fans of 80's US Steel. This on the other hand is a rather typical 3rd Album, i.e. a commercial disappointment with a mere handful of exceptions like maybe "All Hallows Eve" and "No More Nightmares"..

Licensed from Pure Metal.
CMGLP 003 Golgotha Unmaker Of Worlds LP/CD 1990 I really dig their 1984 debut 7" EP and consider it quite a hidden little gem in the prog/post-NWOBHM field. While this debut LP from 6 years later is lodged even further down into the pit of typical UK prog a la Pallas and the likes, I still feel it carries a lot more epic'n'heavy "Metal-markers" than your average Marillion-clone of the times and I'm not afraid to recommend it to the more adventurous Metal-fan.
CMGLP 004 Atomgod History Re-Written LP/CD 1991 review
Compiled by DaN Edman.