Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
803.248 Sepultura / Overdose Bestial Devastation / Seculo XX LP 1985 1st pressing w/ red labels released in 1985, 2nd pressing w/ black labels released in 1986. Information about the editions differ a lot...
COG.001 Overdose Seculo XX MLP 199? Reissue of the Overdose-side of the split-LP debut + bonus tracks.

This re-release merely "borrowed" the formally unused 'COG 001' cat#, but was released much later in the game.

COG 002 Sepultura Morbid Visions LP 1986 1st pressing w/ black/white labels, 2nd pressing w/ black/silver labels. Only the 2nd pressing carries the COG 002 cat#.
628.021 V/A Warfare Noise LP 1986 No cat#, but the run-out etching reads 628.021.

More info here.
JGI 004 Kamikaze s/t MLP 1986 Co-released by Tribo Dos Solos.
Sepultura Bestial Devastation MLP 199? Reissue of the Sepultura-side of the split-LP debut + bonus tracks. 1st pressing w/ black/silver labels, 2nd pressing w/ silver/black labels + bar code.
Like the Overdose reissue above, this re-release merely "borrowed" the formally unused 'COG 004' cat#, but was released much later in the game.
COG 005 Holocausto Campo De Extermínio LP 1987  
COG 006 Mutilator Immortal Force LP 1987  
COG 007 Sarcófago I.N.R.I. LP 1987 Rises above common "Trvest Killer BlkkkMtl Evah'!!"-hype with the sheer fact that "I.N.R.I." is one of the top-5 greatest rock-albums in the history of popular music.
COG 008 Chakal Abominable Anno Domini LP 1987  
COG 009 Sepultura Schizophrenia LP 1987  
COG 010 Ratos De Porão Cada Dia Mais Sujo E Agressivo LP 1987 Not Metal. Punk/HC.
COG 011 Ratos De Porão Dirty And Aggressive LP 1987 Not Metal. Punk/HC.
COG 012 V/A Warfare Noise II LP 1988 More info here.
COG 013 Psychic Possessor Toxic Diffusion LP 1988 Not Metal. Crossover.
COG 014 Offensor / Atack Epiléptico BH Core:
Onde Está A Liberdade? / Decadência Social
LP 1988 Not Metal. HC.
COG 015 Holocausto Blocked Minds LP 1988  
COG 016 Mutilator Into The Strange LP 1988  
COG 017 Vulcano Who Are The True? LP 1988  
COG 018 Witchhammer The First And The Last LP 1988  
COG 019 Explicit Hate A View Of The Other Side LP 1988 Not Metal. HC.
COG 020 Chakal Living With The Pigs 7" 1988  
COG 021 Overdose You're Really Big! LP 1989  
COG 022 Attomica Limits Of Insanity LP 1989  
COG 023 Psychic Possessor Nós Somos A América Do Sul LP 1989 Not Metal. Crossover.
COG 024 Sarcófago Rotting MLP 1989  
COG 025 Olho Seco Olho Por Olho MLP 1989 Not Metal. HC/Grind.
COG 026 The Mist Phantasmagoria LP 1989  
COG 027 Avalon / Megahertz Stop The Fire / Technodeath LP 1989  
COG 028 Lobotomia Nada É Como Parece! LP 1989 Not Metal. HC.
COG 029 V/A Warfare Noise III LP 1990 More info here.
COG 030 Witchhammer Mirror, My Mirror LP 1990  
COG 031 V/A The Lost Tapes Of Cogumelo LP 1990 More info here.
COG 032 Kamikaze s/t LP 1990  
COG 033 Atack Epiléptico Convulsões E Distúrbios Da Consciência LP 1990 Not Metal. HC.
COG 034 Sextrash Sexual Carnage LP 1990  
COG 035 Overdose Addicted To Reality LP 1990 .
COG 036 Chakal The Man Is His Own Jackal LP 1990  
COG 037 DeFalla We Give A Shit LP 1990 Not Metal. Crossover.
COG 038 Holocausto Negatives LP 1990  
COG 039 Headhunter D.C. Born, Suffer, Die LP 1991  
COG 040 Chemako s/t LP 1991 Not Metal. "Alternative Metal".
COG 041 Sarcófago The Laws Of Scourge LP 1991  
COG 042 Vid & Sangue Azul s/t LP 1991  
COG 043 V/A BH Core II LP 1991 Not Metal. HC.

Militofobia, Komando Kaos, Dejetos Da Humanidade and Morte Social.
COG 044 The Mist The Hangman Tree LP/CD 1991  
COG 045 Loucyfer / Cirrhosis What Is Your Pleasure / Alcohol Rules LP 1991  
COG 046 Attomica Disturbing The Noise LP 1991  
COG 047 Overdose Circus Of Death LP 1985 Licensed from Combat Records.
COG 048 Witchhammer Blood On The Rocks LP 1991  
COG 049 Sarcófago Crush, Kill, Destroy MLP 1992  
COG 050 Expulser The Unholy One LP 1992  
COG 051 Defalla Kingzobullshit Backinfulleffect LP 1992 Not metal. Funk/rap rock.
COG 052 Sexthrash Funeral Serenade LP/CD 1992  
COG 053 No Sense Cerebral Cacophony LP 1992  
COG 054 Butcher Astral Karma LP 1993  
COG 055 Chakal Death Is A Lonely Business LP 1993  
COG 056 Safari Hamburguers Good Times MLP 1993 Not Metal. Punk/post-HC.
COG 057
CD only:
Pato Fu Rotomusic De Liquidificapum LP/CD 1993 Not Metal. Alternative rock.
COG 058 Headhunter D.C. Punishment At Dawn LP 1993  
COG 059 Impury The Lamb's Fury LP 1993  
COG 060 The Mist Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust LP/CD 1993  
COG 061 Chemical Disaster Resurrection LP 1993  
COG 062 Overdose Progress Of Decadence LP/CD 1993  
COG 063 The Endoparasites Iconoclasty Of Flesh LP 1993  
COG 064 Lou Cyfer Worship Flesh MLP 1993  
COG 065 Holocausto Tozago As Deismno CD 1993  
COG 066 The Junkie Jesus Freud Project A Cow Called Floyd LP 1993 Not Metal. Alternativ rock.
COG 067 Sarcófago Hate LP/CD 1993  
COG 068
CD only:
Calvary Death Jesus, Intense Weeping LP/CD 1994  
COG 069
CD only:
Dorsal Atlântica Alea Jacta Est LP/CD 1994
  COGD001 Gothic Vox Supplicamentum LP 1991  
COGD002 Panic Best Before End LP 1992  
COGD003 Siecrist Freezin' Hell MLP 1992  
COGD004 Sextrash/P.U.S. XXX/Third World MLP 1993  
COGD005 R.I.V. Is This A Modern World? LP/CD 1993  
COGD006 Amen Corner Fall, Ascension, Domination LP/CD 1994  
CDCOGD007 Dorsal AtlânticaMusical Guide From Stellium CD 1994  
COGD008 Yellowfante Greatest Hits 2 CD 1994 Not Metal. Punk/alternative.

Later renamed to "Fantamaria".
COGD009 Amen Corner The Final Celebration MLP 1994  
COGD010 Murder Rape Celebration Of Supreme Evil LP/CD 1994  
COGD011 Slavery Immortal Dismalness LP/CD 1994  
Compiled by Peter Ott. Additional info by DaN Edman.