Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
DLP-082 Niagara Now Or Never LP 1988 Even if it's mostly on the hair-rock/glam-metal side of things, there are a couple of really surprising elements to be found like the great title track and the speedy 'power-street-metal' "I Should Be Stronger".
DLP-084 Marshall Monroe Lujo Y Pasión LP 1988 Not Metal. aor.

Co-released by Lady Alicia Records.
ALP-001MuroTelon De Acero LP 1988It's everyone's favourite proper Spanish Metal band and they do impress with plenty of speed, power and overall oompf! on this studio debut. I'm however having a hard time picking out any particular tune that stands out from the crowd worth raving a little extra about...
ALP-002Dama Feudal s/t LP 1988Ok, so it's not quite aor all the time, let's call melodic metal on average. No song tends to stick in your head after first play though. A bit of a letdown considering the obscure vibes you get from the sleeve.
ALP-003MuroMutant Hunter LP 1989 Review
ALP-004Hiroshimas/t LP 1989 
Medina Ahazara ...En Al-Hakim LP/CD 1989 Practically all their album sleeves look amazing but M.A. have nothing to do with the kind of Epic Metals we want them to be. Instead they've been churning out lightweight prog-rock, ballads and aor since the late 70's and unlike their comparable countrymen ÑU they've never really come close to anything heavier. Their trademark middle-eastern melodies makes them shine on rare occations but we crave darkness.
ALP-006Extremoduro Tu En Tu Casa, Nosotros En La Hoguera LP/CD 1989Not Metal. Alternative rock.
ALP-007Black Sun Imperial Journey LP 1990There's no pretty way of putting it: This is a genuinely, 100% boring album. It looks great, but there's not a semblance of a decent tune on it and while their US-sounding brand of Melodic Metal lends some contrast to the rest of the Avispa-stable I cannot for the life of me understand why they went though the trouble of signing this foreign (French in this case) band out of all possible alternatives. Also bad vocals.

ALP-008ÑuDos Años de Destierro LP 1990 
Medina Azaharas/t DLP/CD 1990Not Metal. aor/prog.
ALP-010ObusOtra Vez En La Ruta LP 1990A supposed come-back album after a few years' hiatus since their Chapa Discos-days. Also their worst album full of pop-hr tripe and I'm too offended to bother with mentioning the few decent exceptions. Avoid.
ALP-011 Cain Un Paso Mas En El Camino LP 1991 Passable melodic HM that would be slightly better than 'passable' if the female vocals could stop from going sour in about every second track. They also have a tendency to go all out pop-rock in their more 'melodic' moments.

ALP-012Seqzión Demenziados ¿Justa Coprocracia? LP 1991Not Metal. Grindcore.
ALP-013SatiraEl Mundo De Los Sueños LP 1991Melodic (verily so) Metal, mostly with with a tad too much gloom to be labeled aor. Only a couple of songs are pure awful.

ALP-014MuroPacto De Sangre LP 1992There's a few weaklings included, but otherwise I might rate this my favourite MURO album. A great place to start if you wanna get to know the band's straight-forward Speed&Heavy Metal fastfood.
ALP-015Medina Azahara Caravana Española LP 1991Not Metal. aor/prog.
Barón Rojo Desafio LP/CD 1992The last Metal-release of the label.
Medina Azahara Sin Tiempo LP/CD 1992Not Metal. aor/prog.
ALP-018KaleanSolo Intento Escapar LP 1992Not Metal. Punky hr/alternative rock.
RachaMarcando El Compas LP/CD 1993Not Metal. Melodic pop/rock.
ALP-020 Suburbano Fugitivos LP 1993 Not Metal. Soft pop/ballads.
ALP-021 Medina Azahara Donde Esta La Luz LP 1993 Not Metal. aor/prog.

ACD-022 Suburbano La Puerta de Alcala MCD 1994 Not Metal. Soft pop/ballads.
AC-023 V/A Amnistia Internacional 2xMC 1994 Amnesty benefit double-cassette featuring 28 songs/artists, none of them Metal.
ACD-024 Suburbano Ya No Puedo Parar CD 1995 Not Metal. Soft pop/ballads.
ACD-025 El Combo Belga Pasaporte Latino CD 1995 Not Metal. Salsa.
ALP-026 Medina Azahara Árabe LP/2CD 1995 Not Metal. aor/prog

...though this is probably their heaviest release with some Metal-resembling riffing here & there.
DS-202 Niagara Walking / Take My Hand 7" 1988  
AS-001 Hiroshima Forever 7" 1990  
AS-002 Medina Azahara Otoño 7" 1989 Not Metal. aor/prog.
AS-003 Medina Azahara Al Hakim...Otro Lugar 7" 1990 Not Metal. aor/prog.
AS-004 Hiroshima Missing You 7" 1990  
AS-005 Extremoduro Extremaydura 7" 1990 Not Metal. Alternative rock.
AS-006 Ñu Tuboscape 7" 1990  
AS-007 Medina Azahara El Destino 7" 1990 Not Metal. aor/prog.
AS-008 Extremoduro Decidi 7" 1990 Not Metal. Alternative rock.
AS-009 Obus Venganza 7" 1990  
AS-010 Medina Azahara El Lago 7" 1991 Not Metal. aor/prog.
AS-011 Cain La Amazona 7" 1991  
AS-012 Satira El Mundo De Los Sueños 7" 1991  
AS-013 Obus Castigo Infernal 7" 1991  
AS-014 Medina Azahara Navajas De Carton 7" 1991 Not Metal. aor/prog.
AS-015 Muro Desengancha 7" 1992 It's weird. This opening track from the "Pacto De Sangre" album could have been perfect EuroSpeed if it wasn't for that part of the chorus where the vocalist goes sour. Ouch! The rest of the album is next to flawless.
AS-016 Satira Si Estás Allí 7" 1991  
AS-017 Barón Rojo Desafío 7" 1992  
AS-018 Medina Azahara Todo Tiene Su Fin 7" 1992 Not Metal. aor/prog.
AS-019 Medina Azahara Necesito Respirar 7" 1992 Not Metal. aor/prog.
AS-020 Barón Rojo Te Espero En El Infierno 7" 1992 Same song on both sides.
AS-021 Kalean Déjame En Paz 7" 1992 Not Metal. Ballad.
AS-022 Medina Azahara ¡Feliz Navidad! 7" 1992 Not Metal. aor/prog.
AS-023 Medina Azahara Solo Y Sin Ti 7" 1992 Not Metal. aor/prog.
AS-024 Medina Azahara Junto A Lucía 7" 1993 Not Metal. aor/prog.
AS-025 Suburbano La Tierra Se Mueve 7" 1993 Not Metal. Ballad.
AS-026 Medina Azahara No Quiero Pensar En Ese Amor 7" 1993

Not Metal. aor/prog.

Promo w/ the same song on both sides.

AS-027 Medina Azahara Palabras De Libertad 7" 1993 Not Metal. aor/prog.
Compiled by DaN Edman.