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- V/A Escuadron Metalico - Proyecto Uno LP 1986 Technically this was released before the Avanzada Metalica label was created, but it was produced by the same people and released on the mother label Discos Rosenbach.

More info here.
AM 001V/AEscuadron Metalico - Proyecto Dos LP 1987featuring:
Cuero Y Metal, Alucard, Abbadon, Aspid, Khafra, Z, Xyster (MEX) and Gog.
AM 002GehennaEn Busca Del Valle De Gehenna LP 1987Review
AM 003Khafras/t LP 1987 
AM 004CaronteMagos Y Dragones LP 1987  
AM 005 ? ? ? 198? Most likely a skipped number because of the mistake mentioned below..
AM 006 Z La Noche Que Hicimos El Pacto LP 1987 Got the same serial# as TRANSMETAL - "Muerte.." by mistake.
AM 006TransmetalMuerte En La Cruz LP 1988Got the same serial# as Z - "La Noche .." by mistake.
AM 007NextInvasion Nuclear LP 1988 
AM 008RamsesGuerreros De Metal LP 1988 
AM 009TransmetalDesear Un Funeral MLP 1989 
AM 010Recipients Of Deaths/t LP 1989Licensed from Wild Rags Records.
AM 011 Inquisidor s/t LP 1989  
AM 012V/AEscuadron Metalico - Proyecto III MLP 1989featuring:
Transmetal, Next, Six Beer, Inquisidor, Caronte and Ramses.
AM 013V/AHeadthrashers LP 1989Originally on Fucker Records in 1987.

More info here.
AM 014BloodcumDeath By A... Clothes Hanger MLP 1989Licensed from Wild Rags Records.
AM 015NextSilencio Nocturno LP 1989 
AM 016V/AAt The Foot Of Brutality LP 1985More info here.
AM 017TransmetalSepilio En El Mar LP LP 1990 
AM 018Morbid SaintSpectrum Of Death LP 1989Review
AM 019Anihilators/t
Two In One
LP 1989Licensed from Wild Rags Records. Both their MLPs on one LP.
AM 020 Savage Thrust Eat 'Em Raw LP 1990 We like the Jag Panzer-goes-thrash bits and Michael Smith has plenty of Tyrant in him. It doesn't always blend too well with the Techno-Thrash bits though and while they're good at thrashing their thrash the whole album feels a bit disjointed.

AM 021 Nasty Savage Penetration Point LP 1990 Licensed from Rotten Records (1989)
AM 022 Transmetal Zona Muerte LP 1991  
Compiled by DaN Edman. Additional info by Rob Preston. Special credits to Metaleros.