Funebre Inferi

Piraeus (Attica)
Black Metal
1993-1995 (as HIERONYM INFERIORUM), 1995-unknown (as FUNEBRE INFERI)

FUNEBRE INFERI was a one-man Black Metal band formed by Nowead Luczebeus Sutagel (vocals, all instruments – publisher of underground zines “Daemonocult Cemetery of Middle Age” and “Medieval Tortures”), presumably as a direct continuation of his previous creative outlet HIERONYM INFERIORUM, who released two very intriguing demo tapes in 1994-95. As far as we know, FUNEBRE INFERI only released a single two-track (+ intro) demo tape, entitled “Deathcult ‘96”, subsequently re-released as a split CDr/tape with fellow Greek Dungeon Synth act WINTERGODS by Peruvian label Profane Elite Productions.

Compared to occult-tinged violence of Luczebus’ previous works, FUNEBRE INFERI definitely comes across as more melodic and structured, while still retaining the feral vibe of yore. Stylistically, it gravitates closer towards the Scandinavian branch of Black Metal, but the most accurate comparison would probably be something like BLACK FUNERAL (us). Well-worth a listen for worshippers of densely atmospheric and raw, yet melodic Black Metal.

Compilation appearances:
* Black Metal Order – Aryan Hellenic Art [CDr, Comp, Limited: Triskelon, 1999]
* Majestic Forest – Compilation No. 1 [Cass, Comp: Majestic Forest, 1999]
* Ravendance [Cass, Comp: Mortuary Khage Productions, 1999]
* Tristesse Volume III [Cass, Comp: Tristesse, 2000]
* Metal Noir Compilation Vol. 1 [Cass, Comp: Metal Noir, 2001]

d i s c o g r a p h y :

Deathcult '96 - Demo (Cassette) 1996 - Private (-)
(Studio unknown)
Details: Single-sided regular cassette, coloured j-card.

Cass, Private, 1996 (extended four-panel j-card)
Marching in Graveyards (Intro)
Haunted Scull of the Profanated Grave
Lost Sorcerers in the Pyre
Luczebeus (vocals, all instruments)
Yet to be reviewed.

Deathcult '96 / Strigoi - Split (CDr) 1997 - Profane Elite Productions (PE 002)
(Studio unknown)
Details: CDr, limited edition, hand-numbered.

Cass, Profane Elite Productions, 1997 (single-sided regular cassette, pro-printed black/white j-card.
WINTERGODS - Ancient Temple Lost in Carpathian Mountains
WINTERGODS - Ritual of the Black Priest (Panselinos)
WINTERGODS - ...At the Age Before the Heaven
FUNEBRE INFERI - Marching in Graveyards (Intro)
FUNEBRE INFERI - Haunted Scull of the Profanated Grave
FUNEBRE INFERI - Lost Sorcerers in the Pyre
Luczebeus (vocals, all instruments)

Demogorgon (vocals, keyboards)
Lord Wolf Darkoan (vocals)
Yet to be reviewed.