Fallen Angel

Galatsi, Athens (Attica)
Melodic Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

Here we have a nice Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock act from Galatsi/Athens. The band was formed in 1991 and included among its ranks brothers (?) Kostas and Akis Theocharis (vocals/guitars and guitars, respectively), Stelios Karakyklas (bass), Brian (drums) and Dimitris Fardelas (keyboards) – all of which were fairly young at the time. Influences included the big Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock bands of the era, such as BON JOVI, DOKKEN and EUROPE.

The anglicized names of the band members, coupled with the relatively commercial angle of their 1980s-styled demo “Broken Wings” (1991) suggest that these guys were aiming high. And frankly, “Broken Wings” did show a lot of potential for such a young band (they were teenagers, after all). The band allegedly had enough material to record more demos, but except for a couple of compilation appearances, “Broken Wings” is the only known release by the band at current. Apparently, they did perform quite a few local gigs around the time of their demo release though.

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Compilation appearances:
* Metal Darkness Compilation Tape [Cass, Comp: Metal Darkness Zine, 1991]
* Metal Power [Cass, Comp, Numbered: Heavy – Rock Tapes, 1992]

d i s c o g r a p h y :

Broken Wings - Demo (Cassette) 1991 - Private (-)
(Studio 94 (Athens))
Details: Regular cassette w/ printed stickers, black/white j-card.

Keep Me Waiting
Hard Like Stone
Never Say Never
Strange World
Come on Baby
Far Away...
Gus (vocals, guitars, acoustic guitars, backing vocals)
Jeff (guitars, backing vocals)
Steve (bass, backing vocals)
Bryan (drums)
Jim (keyboards)
Yet to be reviewed.

(Listen to this recording in full at Hellenic Steel's YouTube channel)