Empire of the Moon

Athens (Attica)
Black Metal

Here we have one of the more intriguing acts recent-ish Hellenic Black Metal. The history of EMPIRE OF THE MOON goes as far back as 1996, originally revolving around main duo Baron Nosferatu aka Ouroboros (vocals) and Lord Necrorium aka Ravenlord Wampyri Draconium (vocals, flute – CHAOSBAPHOMET, TATIR and founder of Acherontas Promotions), joined by session members Karen Black (vocals – WAMPYRINACHT) and Necrolord aka Indra (guitars, keyboards – WAMPYRINACHT, TATIR, NAER MATARON, etc.).

As suggested by the instruments employed by the main members at the outset, early EMPIRE OF THE MOON– as heard on their 1997 demo tape “For the Ancient Light of Sinn” (1998 – the first release of Acherontas Promotions) – wasn’t exactly Black Metal per se, but rather some form of pagan/occult Ambient entity. In atmosphere and spirit though, the music definitely resonated with the works of Lord Necrorium’s other creative excursions, such as with the more traditionally oriented Hellenic Black Metal band TATIR (which also of course also featured the previously mentioned Necrolord/Indra).

Except for a strictly limited re-release of “For the Ancient Light of Sinn” on Acherontas Promotions in 2001, EMPIRE OF THE MOON was either operating clandestinely for a very long period of time, or put on ice sometime after the release of the band’s first demo, with the members busying themselves with other musical activities. However, the band made a striking return about fifteen years later with the announcement of a full-length album entitled Πανσέληνος (2014 – “Fullmoon” in Greek), featuring original members Lord Necrorium and Baron Nosferatu under their more recent pseudonyms Ravenlord Wampyri Draconium and Ouroboros, along with S.V. Mantus (keyboards – VORPHALACK, WAMPYRINACHT) and session/guest players Van Gimot (bass – AGOS, VIRUS OF KOCH), Nick Yngwe (drums – GUNGNIR, FLAMES, DRAMA NOIR and about a million bands as session drummer…) and Christos Adamou (guitars – NIGHTFALL, VANITY).

To be continued…

Compilation appearances:

d i s c o g r a p h y :

For the Ancient Light of Sinn - Demo (Cassette) 1997 - Acherontas Promotions (-)
(Studio 5 (Athens), 1996-1997)
Details: Single-sided regular cassette, coloured j-card, limited edition: 500 copies, hand-numbered.

Cass, Acherontas Promotions, 2001 (alternate cover, black/red j-card, limited edition: 63 copies.
Beyond the Forest of Eternity
Pueri Gaiae
Baron Nosferatu (vocals)
Lord Necrorium (vocals, flute)
Necrolord (session guitars, keyboards)
Karen Black (session vocals)
Yet to be reviewed.

Πανσέληνος - Album (CD) 2014 - Acherontas Promotions (Acherontas Promotion)
(Nyx Studio (Unknown))
Details: Digipak.

LP, Floga Records/III Damnation Productions, 2014 (black 12" vinyl, gatefold limited edition: 400 copies)
LP, Floga Records/III Damnation Productions, 2014 (blue/black splatter 12" vinyl, gatefold limited edition: 100 copies)
Cass, Floga Records/III Damnation Records (limited edition: 100 copies)
The Dawn of Undead Rising (instrumental)
Mastery of Blood
Lunar Apocalypse
The Nine Skulls of Kali
Symphony of the Draconian Queen (instrumental)
Ouroboros (vocals)
R.W.Draconium (guitars, bass, vocals)
S.V.Mantus (keyboards)
Chris Adamos (session guitars)
Van Gimot (session bass)
Nick Yngve (session drums)
Yet to be reviewed.

Έκλειψις - Album (12" Vinyl) 2020 - Iron Bonehead Productions (IBP446)
(Studio unknown)
Details: Black 12" vinyl, gatefold.

LP, Iron Bonehead Productions, 2020 (red 12" vinyl, gatefold, limited edition: 100 copies)
CD, Iron Bonehead Productions, 2020 (digipak)
Cass, Iron Bonehead Productions, 2020
Arrival (instrumental)
Imperium Tridentis
Per Aspera ad Lunae - I. The Resonance Within
Per Aspera ad Lunae - II. Two Queens Appear
Per Aspera ad Lunae - III. Descending
Devi Maha Devi
Per Aspera ad Lunae - IV. Ο Υιός Της Φωτιάς
Ouroboros (vocals)
R.W.Draconium (guitars, bass, vocals)
S.V.Mantus (keyboards)
Christian Adamou (session guitars)
George Emmanuel (session guitars)
Nick Yngve (session drums)
Yet to be reviewed.