Thessaloniki (Central Macedonia)
Thrash Metal

Although information on the band is scarce to say the least, DEATHSTALKER (or DEATH STALKER) was an early Thessaloniki-based Thrash Metal act, allegedly formed in 1985 according to an interview with Guillotine Zine in the early 1990s. Their earliest known lineup consisted of Vasilis Perperidis (vocals, bass), Yiannis Bekas (guitars) and Christos Papamichalis (drums). However, at the time of publication of the previously mentioned interview, both Yiannis and Christos had dropped out, leaving Vasilis in search of new members.

In terms of style, DEATHSTALKER appears to have been primarily influenced by the classic Euro-Thrash bands (KREATOR, etc.) along with proto-Black/Death acts such as BATHORY and CELTIC FROST, coupled with Lovecraft-ian lyrical themes. No demo is currently known, but the bad had finished some songs, so its not out of the question that they eventually got around to record their material. They also did at least one live show at Ονειρο (”Dream”) Rock Club and one at a place called “Negative”, along with a few party- and school gigs.

That’s about all we know so far, so if you have anything else to share about this band please go ahead and write us!

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