Crossfire (Heavy Metal/Hard Rock)

Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

What little tangible information we have on this obscure, late-1980s act comes from old zine reviews and a compilation CDr circulating on the net. In terms of biographical data, we know practically nothing, except that the band made at least one (possibly) two demo recordings during 1988-89 and that the keyboardist went under the name of Sammy…

What about the music, then? Well, there are nine tracks in total (although two of them appears to be identical), which show a certain degree of stylistic diversity. There are bluesy, HM-guitar hero instrumentals à la RAINBOW, GARY MOORE, etc. (“Memories”), 1980s Heavy Metal/Hard Rock numbers with occasional keyboard arrangements, galloping rhythms and, once again, guitar pyrotechnics (“Another Cross in the Sky”, “Fifth Seal”). Then we have some balladesque moments and also a Rock’N’Roll pastiche (adequately entitled “Rock’N’Roll”). The strongest track – and probably the one of highest interest to our dear readers – included is arguably the anthemic “Another Cross in the Sky”, which also happens to be the song included twice on the disc.

We would be very grateful for any additional information on CROSSFIRE, which should probably not be mistaken for the other CROSSFIRE (supposedly from Trikala) included in these archives.

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