Choir Macabre

Athens (Attica)
Doom Metal, Death Metal

A true diamond in the rough, CHOIR MACABRE was an Athenian Death/Doom act formed in the late-1990s who released one stellar demo entitled “A Chronicle of Paradox Dreams” (2001) before sailing off into the seas of oblivion. As far as we know, CHOIR MACABRE operated as a four-piece and this lineup remained consistent throughout the band’s existence: Stavros Paterakis (vocals, guitars), George Gkousetis (guitars – BROTHERHOOD OF SLEEP), John Moraitis (bass – DECEMBERANCE, HEATHENDOM, SAVANON, SILENT OATH) and Bill Marangoudakis (drums).

What makes “A Chroncile of Paradox Dreams” such a convincing statement depends of several factors, two of the more important being the band’s unique sound and their ability to write long, flowing compositions that, while emphasising sorrowful and despondent emotions, also strive towards the epic monumentalism of classic Doom Metal. Stylistically, the music is clearly moves in the Death/Doom spectrum, but the choice of utilizing clear/melodic vocals rather than the expected Death grunts really works damn good here and gives the band a special character.

Sadly, judging by a tribute video published on Youtube, it appears as if vocalist/guitarist/lyricist Stavros Paterakis passed away many years ago, so any further outings from CHOIR MACABRE seems highly unlikely.

Compilation appearances:

d i s c o g r a p h y :

A Chronicle of Paradox Dreams - Demo (CDr) 2001 - Private (-)
(Studio II (Athens), March 2001)
Details: Numbered.

The Voyage
Death the Leveller
The Sails of Night
A Madman's Dream
Stavros (vocals, guitars)
George (guitars)
Dimos (bass)
Bill (drums)
Yet to be reviewed.