Anása Stáhti (Ανάσα Στάχτη)

Athens (Attica)
Hardcore Punk, Crust Punk, Thrash Metal

(Writer’s note: I know that many would consider it crazy, or even heretical to include so many Punk-affiliated bands in an archive dedicated to the documentation of Hellenic Metal music. But ignoring this vibrant and still vital part the Greek underground music scene would mean not only missing out on a lot of fantastic and powerful music, it would also be to neglect the integral connection between the two genres in the country. Many Punk bands shared with their metallic counterparts a deep appreciation for classic Metal bands such as BLACK SABBATH, MOTÖRHEAD, SLAYER and last but not least, HELLHAMMER – something which is more often than not reflected in the music as well. So, if you dare, do yourself a favor and check out some of the Greek Punk groups mentioned in these pages. You won’t regret it.)

One of the seminal bands of Greek Hardcore Punk, Ανάσα Στάχτη (”Ashen Breath”) was formed in 1992 in connection to the Villa Amalias squat. The band’s discography may be relatively small – one full-length album and handful of compilation tracks – but their legacy of home-brewed apocalyptic Hardcore/Crust Punk crossed with twisted Thrash Metal riffing continues to hover like a massive cloud of pestilent-infested fumes over the Athenian skyline.

The original group consisted of Thanasis Tsalikis (vocals – Χαμένα Ιδανικά, Χαοτικό Τέλος), Nikos (guitars, vocals –Ισοπέδωση), Kostas (bass – Σκατόψυχοι) and Themis (drums). This was the line-up that immortalized the self-titled and self-released debut LP (on the co-operative Do It Yourself Records in 1994), which has become one of the holy grails of Greek Punk. Kostas and Themis were eventually replaced by Giannis Dimitropoulos (Αναβίωση) and George Makris (Ακρως Αντίθετοι) on bass and drums respectively. This membership rotation must’ve taken place near the completion of the full-length recordings, as they are both mentioned in the liner notes as belonging to the new lineup. In 1996, they recorded two tracks for the legendary “Disturbance of Domestic Peace” compilation, also released on Do It Yourself.

Ανάσα Στάχτη did several gigs together with both Greek and international acts, for example in 1995 at the Do It Yourself festival arranged by Villa Amalias together with Μάστιγα, Νεκρική Σιγή and Κρίκος. Another infamous gig was their 1994 performance with the UK punks in DOOM at Villa Amalias. After the band disbanded in the late-1990s, some of the members went on to form Ανατέλλων Τρόμος (RISING TERROR), releasing one tape and one full-length album before calling it quits in 2002.

Compilation appearances:
* Διατάραξη Οικιακής Ειρήνης (Disturbance of Domestic Peace) [LP, Comp: Do it Yourself, 1996]
* Γενοκτονία Tape No.2 [Cass, Comp: Self-released (Γενοκτονία Zine), 1997]
* Punk Und Hardcore Aus Griechenland [Cass, Comp: Malaka-Tapes, 1997]
* Zoro Club Attack – 26.9.-28.9. 1996 [Cass, Comp: Musical Destruction Tapes, ?]

d i s c o g r a p h y :

Ανάσα Στάχτη - Album (12" Vinyl) 1994 - Do It Yourself Records (001)
(Red House Studios (Unknown), June 1993)
Details: Black 12" vinyl, fold-out cover w/ artwork, lyrics and poster.

CD, Do it Yourself Records /, 2005 (cd-format vinyl replica, bonus tracks)
Στα γρανάζια του αύριο (In the Gears of Tomorrow)
Κελιά ανυπαρξίας (Cells of Non-Existence)
Κατάλοιπα αγάπης (Remainders of Love)
Καταδίκη (Conviction)
Παιχνίδια εξουσίας (Power Games)
Ζωή εν τάφω (Life in Grave)
Επιθανάτιος κοινωνία (Dying Communion)
Thanasis Tsalikis (vocals)
Nikos (guitars, vocals)
Kostas (bass)
Themis (drums)
Yet to be reviewed.