Agnoiménes Morfés (Αγνοημένες Μορφές)

Thessaloniki (Central Macedonia)
Hardcore Punk

(Writer’s note: I know that many would consider it crazy, or even heretical to include so many Punk-affiliated bands in an archive dedicated to the documentation of Hellenic Metal music. But ignoring this vibrant and still vital part the Greek underground music scene would mean not only missing out on a lot of fantastic and powerful music, it would also be to neglect the integral connection between the two genres in the country. Many Punk bands shared with their metallic counterparts a deep appreciation for classic Metal bands such as BLACK SABBATH, MOTÖRHEAD, SLAYER and last but not least, HELLHAMMER – something which is more often than not reflected in the music as well. So, if you dare, do yourself a favor and check out some of the Greek Punk groups mentioned in these pages. You won’t regret it.)

Αγνοημένες Μορφές (“Ignored Forms/Formulas”…?) was a Thessaloniki-based Hardcore Punk band who released at least one self-titled demo tape in 1997. Members (only first names available, unfortunately) included Vasilis (vocals – Άστα Να Πάνε, ALCOHOLIC ARMY, OLD SCHOOL REDNECKS, etc.), Brizas (vocals), Giorgos (guitars), Thodoris (bass) and Kostas (drums).

Musically, anyone familiar with Greek Punk will nod in recognition at the semi-metallic, doom-laden and at times D-beat driven songs included on “Αγνοημένες Μορφές” (1997). Especially the first couple of tracks – driven by starkly ominous riffs – stand out as being quite close to Doom Metal, without losing their Punk identity.

As a side note it should be mentioned that vocalist Vasilis (credited as “Βασίλης (Κομπλές)” have been active in a number of Salonican Punk bands through the years including, in addition to the above-mentioned acts, BAD MOVIES, Ντελίριο and Ψυχική Διαταραχή.

Compilation appearances:
* Οι Μπάτσοι Είναι Αδέρφια Μας... Και Εμείς Αδερφοκτόνοι [Cass, Comp: Self-released, 1999]

d i s c o g r a p h y :

Ματωμένα Όνειρα Λύτρωσης - Demo (Cassette) 1997 - Private (-)
("N" Studio (Thessaloniki), June 1997)
Details: Single-sided regular cassette, black/white j-card w/ lyrics.

Εισαγωγή - Διεφθαρμένες Ψυχές
Επιβάλλουν Τη Σιωπή
Καπιταλόσκυλα Γαβ Γαβ
Μαύρες Σκέψεις
Αγνοημένες Υπάρξεις
Απανθρωπιά Εκμετάλλευση
Όνειρα Λύτρωσης
Vasilis (vocals)
Brizas (vocals)
Giorgos (guitars)
Thodoris (bass)
Kostas (drums)
Yet to be reviewed.