The best Metal song sung by a woman?

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The best Metal song sung by a woman?

Post by bigfootkit »

Just for fun, what gets your vote for the best metal song sung by a woman?
For me, "Break The Spell" by HELLION is the one which has a special place in my heart. Anne Boleyn's vocals are astonishingly good here, raspy but melodic, almost like a female Dio.
Any other suggestions?
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Mr Nuke
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Post by Mr Nuke »

Sussie Christensen on CRYSTAL PRIDE's Silverhawk EP. On all three tracks, the voice of this girl has all a perfect HM voice needs, and the feminine side even adds some more eerie feeling to the whole record.
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Post by BloodOfChrist »

When Lightning Strikes....THERE'S FIIIIIIIRE!!!!
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Post by Professor Black »

Hmmm.... strangely, the first one that comes to mind is "Sand & Mercury" by The Gathering.

Never been a big fan of Acid, Warlock, etc. "Emergency" by Girlschool would make my list, were I actually making one.
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Post by Stormspell »

Anything from debut VELVET VIPER. Jutta is a goddess!
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Post by Nightlock »

When you think about it there is a surprisingly large list of great songs that could take this place. Maybe Chastain - Voice of the Cult

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Post by sovdat »

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Post by JonahQuizz »

I can't decide between these two so both of them deserves this place:
Crystal Pride - Song For Jeanne D'Arc
Vixen - Living in sin
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Post by snaps666 »

Kim Sixx or some early Girlschool....
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Post by roihlem »

Masque - Back With A Vengeance
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Post by Witchfynde »

Jex Thoth - Warrior Woman
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Post by mordred »

Chastain - Angel of Mercy.
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Post by Black Axe »

Force - Black Widow
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Post by lunaboy »

It's more on Hard Rock side,but...

Sahara-Going Crazy ( Elizabeth Vandall )
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"Noson y Blaidd"!
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