RARE METAL LPS (Heathens Rage, Stormtrooper, M.C. Blade, Tyrants Reign etc)

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RARE METAL LPS (Heathens Rage, Stormtrooper, M.C. Blade, Tyrants Reign etc)

Post#1 » Thu Sep 09, 2021 9:41 am

SS = Still Sealed
M = Mint/Brand New
NM = Near Mint
EX = Excellent
VG = Very Good
G = Good
+/- = Half Grade

GRADE: Vinyl/Cover
e-mail: kostas@steelgallery.com

Annihilator - Set the world on fire (EX+/NM) 130
Apollo Ra - Apollo Ra (NM/NM) (OPM, First 100 Copies, Color Yellow LP) 180
Brocas Helm - Black death (EX+/EX+) 180
Blind Guardian - Battalions of Fear (EX+/EX+) (Folded insert, label tag stick at back upright side) 70
Blind Guardian - Follow the Blind (NM/NM) 70
Blind Guardian - Tales from the other (NM/EX+) 70
Conception - The last Sunset (NM/EX) (Private First Press) (Small 0,5 Inch seam split upside, otherwise NM) 300
Commandment - Engraved in stone (NM/NM) (OPM Recs) 80
Deuce - Deuce (NM/NM) (OPM Recs) 250
Heathen - Victims Of Deception (NM/NM) (incl. original adv insert from Metal Blade Recs) 150
Heathens Rage - Heathens Rage (EX/EX+) (Private First Press, Yellow Label With Black Letters) 350
Hallows Eve - Tales of terror (EX+/EX+) 70
Hallows Eve - Death and insanity (EX+/EX+) (Small Cut Line, Incl original merch insert) 50
Heavy Load - Death or glory 80
Heavy Load - Stronger than evil (EX+/EX) (Some edgewears, incl. big poster) 60
In Flames - The jester race (NM/-) (Pic Disc) 100
Kraken - Kraken (NM/EX+) (Color White LP) 120
King Diamond - Them (NM/-) (Pic Disc) 40
M.C. Blade - Step into light (EX+/EX+) 300
Metallica - No life till Power demos (NM/-) (Pic Disc) 150
Medieval Steel - Medieval Steel (EX+/EX+) (Private First Press) 220
Mindless - Missin' pieces (EX+/EX+) 80
Nightcrawler - Soldier in time (EX+/NM) (Incl. original promo pic) 170
Ostrogoth - Full moons eyes (EX+/VG) (Edgewear, Ring) 50
Ostrogoth - Ecstasy and danger (EX+/EX) (Some Edgewears, Price Tear, Greek Press) 40
Ostrogoth - Last tribe standing (NM/NM) (Splatter Color LP, Die Hard Version Limited to 114 Copies! Incl. Promo Pic) 100
Q5 - Steel the light (EX/NM) (Albatross Recs) (Cut Hole Up Right Side) 60
Rat Attack - Rat attack (NM/EX+) (Old Metal Recs, 100 handnumbered copies {054/100} on marbled vinyl in a black stickered sleeve) 150
Satans Host - Metal from hell (NM/VG) (Color Clear LP, Unofficial) Note: Cover have only front side not back, maybe its a promo! Incl. color photocy from band promo pic 50
Sentenced - Amok (NM/NM) (Limited edition of 1000 copies) 120
Slauter Xstroyes - Winter Kill (NM/NM) (Monster Recs) 250
Sodom - Agent Orange (VG+/EX+) 80
Stormtrooper - Armies of the night (NM/-) (Pic DIsc) 180
Tyrants Reign - Year of the tyrants (NM/EX+) (Private First Press) 350
Tytan - Rough justice (EX+/EX+) 50
Tantrum - Trenton city murders (NM/EX+) (Private First Press) 70
Tiamat - Wildhoney (NM/EX) (1 Inch seam split upside) 180
Viper - Theatre of fate (NM/EX) (Brazilian First Press) (Price tear at front upright side) 90
Valhalla - Valhalla (NM/EX) (Private First Press) (Some dirties at backside otherwise NM) 250
Warlord - Deliver Us (NM/EX+) (First Press) 90
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