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Want list: Eastern Europe metal vinyls

Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 10:11 am
by mordred
These are records I'm looking for. Get in touch if you can help. Cheers.

Era/Konkurent - BG Rock 2 LP (1989)
Iceberg - S/T LP (1988)

Arakain - Black Jack LP (1992)
Sexit - S/T LP (1992)
Sifon - 100 Hrichu LP (1991)
Miroslav Imrich & Alarm - Paris, Adieu/Bylas Dlouho Pryc 7" (1989)
Autobus - Je To Jen Sen/Jak Jsi Zla 7" (1991)
Beatover - Beethoven/Mám rád velký veci 7" (1990)
Carbon - Je Cas Odist/Ikarov Brat 7" (1990)
Distorze - Fuck Of War I/Fuck Of War II 7" (1991)
Marian Greksá & Demikat - Vlastny Názor/Nevytrcaj Chlapce Hlavu 7" (1989)
Hematit - Slabý boxér/Dvojka zo správania 7" (1987)
Iras - Mistr Jan/Sahara 7" (1991)
Kabat - Spadla klec/Koleda, koleda 7" (1989)
Kern - Jsme Lidé/Hvezdám Uz Neverim 7" (1990)
Morava - Heavy Metal/Zakaleni Oceli 7" (1990)
Retez - 1415 (I. Cást)/1415 (II. Cást) 7" (1990)

Klinika - Toksikoman/PTU 7" (1990)

Bombarder - Bez Milosti LP (1991)

Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:49 am
by Le fjump
That is indeed one obscure list.

Posted: Sat Mar 15, 2014 8:46 am
by Herkus Monte
Ossian - Emberi Dolgok LP (1993)

Has this one ever been released on vinyl? The CD version is fairly easy to get if youre interested in it at all.

Posted: Sat Mar 15, 2014 10:13 am
by morbidsodomizer
Yes, it exist on vinyl!

Posted: Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:54 am
by mordred
Yes it exists on vinyl. In fact I found it just yesterday. :D

Posted: Sat Mar 15, 2014 1:33 pm
by Prowler
Truly their rarest, but not neccessarily their best vinyl.


Watch out for the poster to be included, the lyrics are on the back of it.

For Dr. Doolittle you may check the online stores, as I remember a friend told me last year he found one for 4 Euros and the seller had more copies.

Posted: Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:57 pm
by Keir
Actually Emberi Dolgok probably is my favorite Ossian album (I'm happy with just the CD though).

mordred, I have the Stress and Galaktika singles which I may be willing to trade.

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:22 am
by mordred
I don't really trade records sad to say. That's a business I've never quite managed to get into.

Re: Want list: Eastern Europe metal vinyls

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 3:54 am
by Ryür
mordred wrote:Era/Konkurent - BG Rock 2 LP (1989) ... 3982&ev=rb

Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:31 pm
by Cyrcka
Dr. Doolittle - Every Man Needs a Woman 7" (1988)


Dr. Doolittle: Every Man Needs Of Woman/Labyrinth (Bulgaria-Imp., Balkanton ’88) 8e

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 4:55 am
by morbidsodomizer
Henning is a great old Metalhead.
If your going to KIT. Can ask him to bring it there...

Posted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 2:08 pm
by mordred
I do want it. :wink:
So who is this dude?

Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2014 12:35 pm
by morbidsodomizer
can ask it for you. are you coming to kit?
get it there... i´m bit busy now to dig his e-mail.
have a gig upcoming and have to preapre

Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2014 7:30 pm
by mordred
I'm coming to KIT!

Posted: Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:22 am
by morbidsodomizer
I wrote him and i´ll reply you with news.
I used to have 25 copies (a box) of that 7" back in tme.
Also had same amount Trotyl 7". But all gone of course...