Small trade list (Alta Tensao, Cristal Y Acero, Marvel...)

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Small trade list (Alta Tensao, Cristal Y Acero, Marvel...)

Post#1 » Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:40 pm

FOR TRADE, ask about conditions:

Alta Tensao "Nigeria" LP
Angel Witch "Live" LP
Catalepsy "Scream" MLP
Citron "Vypusťte psy!" LP
Cristal y Acero "Kuman" LP
Cross "Metal from above" LP
Deadly Blessing "Limited edition" 12"
Disincarnate "Dreams of the carrion kind" LP
Kalevala "Myths and legends" LP
Last Descendants "One nation under God" LP
Marvel "s/t" LP
Not Fragile "Who dares wins" MLP
Steel Vengeance "Second offence" LP
Tublatanka "Nebo - Pelko - Raj" LP


Iron Man "Generation void" CD
Naevus "Sun meditation" CD
Paul Chain "Alkahest" CD/LP
Rat Salad / Obstination "Double dose of doom" LP
Serpent "In the garden of serpent" CD
Stillborn "Nercospirituals" CD/LP
Valhall "Heading for Mars" CD
Valhall "Moonstoned" CD

Beer Band "She was there / He had a dream" 7"
Crom "Eyes of fire / Earth queen" 7"
Deep Silence "Never say never / Flight to unknown" 7"
Filthy Asses "Have no fear / The Flame / Evil's gone" 7"
Havoc "The passage on my life / Surrounded by bain" 7"
Ironcross "Bloodhounds" LP
Jig-Saw "Superkingi / Mitäs hyvää kehumaan" 7"
Justice "Never stop / There's just ice in their hearts" 7"
Kimmo Kuusniemi Band "Moottorilinnut" LP
Lob Losos "Look yourself to the mirror" 7"
Lords of Chaos "Condemn to death / Moonlight with love" 7"
Northern Lights "King tonight" 7"
Roke "Pätkä maailma / Loput" 7"
Sarcofagus "Go to Hell / All those lies" 7"
Zowie "Prisoner of Love / It's not too Late" 7"
Amorphis "Vulgar necrolatry / Misery path" 7"
Belial "Gods of the pit pt. II" 7"
Cartilage/Altar -split CD/LP
Convulse "World without God" CD/LP (Thrash)
Demigod/Necropsy -splitLP
Demilich "Nespithe" CD/tape (Pavement/Repulse)
Depravity "Silence of centuries" CD (Adipocere)
Disgrace "Grey misery" CD/tape/LP (Modern Primitive)
Funebre "Brainspoon" 7"
Messiah Paratroops "The past" 7"
Mordicus "Three way dissection" 7"
Necropsy "Never to be forgotten / Dark fantasies" 7"
Purtenance "Member of immortal damnation" CD/LP (Drowned)
+ Finnish DM demos

Damocles "L' Ile aux Diamants" 7"
Danger Zone "Rendez-vous" 7"
Desdemona "Le temps d'un Rêve" 7"
Eryops "Banlieue M" 7"
Hotchkiss "Look out" 7"
Legend "Le porteur de lumière" 7"
Marienthal "Danger" 7"
Nightreaper "Heroes die young" 7"
Predator "Cauchemars" 7"
WKRX "Un Homme Libre" 7"
XS "Clap your hands" 7"
+ ask!

Pokolgép "Sátán / A maszk" 7"

Oblachnyj Kraj "Svobody zahoteli?" LP

Voltz "Knight's fall" LP
Witchfinder General "Death penalty" LP

Alvacast "Al borde del abismo" LP
Alvacast "Inocente..." LP
Kraken (Col) "I" LP
Gillman "Levantate y pelea" LP
Resistencia "Dacapo" LP
+ ask!

Banshee "Breakdown / I am the light" 7"

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