Grave Digger, Savatage, Rage (DE) Virgin Steele memorabilia

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Grave Digger, Savatage, Rage (DE) Virgin Steele memorabilia

Post#1 » Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:13 am

hail Metalheads!

I'm Paolo (Italy).
I'm a Metal fanatic; I traded with Peter Daub, Mats Aeby, Andi Preisig, Roman...

I'm looking for memorabilia of these bands:
RAGE (German)

I need tourbook (if exist something), press release. folded insert photos, and so on. No magazine adverts, real promo items.
Also if you have promo CDs, let me know.
A little list of wants:

Megadeth - gear of wars (promo CD)
Megadeth - scorpio (promo CD)
Iron Maiden - ed hunter poster programme
Rage - the crawling chaos Cd single
Grave Digger - Reunion folder (4 pages); made for the presentation of "The reaper"

if you have something, please let me know.
I have some records for trade or I can pay well.
write to me at: xxxpaoloxxx@xxxbppe.itxxx (without xxx)


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