Wanted: Finnish Death Metal

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Wanted: Finnish Death Metal

Post#1 » Thu Jan 26, 2012 12:04 pm

Looking to buy/trade these, but feel free to offer others as well:

Amorphis "Vulgar necrolatry / Misery path" 7"
Belial "Gods of the pit pt. II" 7"
Belial "Aftertaste" 7"
Cartilage/Altar -split CD/LP
Convulse "World without God" CD/LP (Thrash)
Demigod/Necropsy -splitLP
Demilich "Nespithe" CD/tape (Pavement/Repulse)
Depravity "Silence of centuries" CD (Adipocere)
Disgrace "Grey misery" CD/tape/LP (Modern Primitive)
Funebre "Brainspoon" 7"
Interment "Life here after" 7"
Messiah Paratroops "The past" 7"
Mordicus "Three way dissection" 7"
Necropsy "Never to be forgotten / Dark fantasies" 7"
Purtenance "Member of immortal damnation" CD/LP (Drowned)
+ Finnish DM demos

Contacts and offers via email at xsamiharju (at) gmail (dot) com - Thanks!

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