Trade: Vinyls and tapes.

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Trade: Vinyls and tapes.

Post#1 » Mon Jul 18, 2011 6:02 pm

BEYOND POSSESSION - Is Beyond Possession
BITTER END - Harsh Realities
CANDLEMASS - Nightfall
DARKNESS - Conclusion And Revival
DESPAIR - History Of Hate
INTRUDER - A Higher Form Of Killing
RE-ANIMATOR - Condemned To Eternity
RUMBLE MILITIA - Destroy Fascism!
SACRED REICH - Surf Nicaragua
XENTRIX - Shattered Existence

BUFFALO - Mean Machine
DISGRACE - Debts Of God
INTERMENT (FIN) - Life Here After
MEGADETH/DEAD ON - No More Mr. Nice Guy
TRAUMATIC - The Morbid Act Of A Sadistic Rape Incision

BETRAYER - Our Scars
JESUS SAVE - Eye For Eye, Tooth For Tooth
JESUS SAVE - Untitled
LEAVE SCARS - The Terminal Suffer
SICKNESS - Primordial Brutality
TREBLINKA - Crawling In Vomits

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