275 inches of steel wanted - check my tradelist!

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275 inches of steel wanted - check my tradelist!

Post#1 » Sat May 02, 2009 3:02 pm

Hi there

First of all, I'm Matt from Switzerland. I'm a record collector since more than 20 years and I already traded all around the world ...

I'm a honest guy, ask OPM (Metal greetings from Switzerland to John and Jim!), Fils Du Metal and many others ... or check the eBay feedback for SIKKIE.

OK, 'nuff said, here we go:

7"s Wants-List

AGRESSION - Agression 7" (USA, Relentless Records, no PS)
BENT SIRKIS - Stop your bitchin 7" (USA, Evil Records, no PS)
BLACK ANGEL - Seventh seal 7" (Finland, Blang Records, PS)
DEPZON - Flying over the rainbow 7" (Sweden, Platina Records, PS)
DIAMOND HEAD - Shoot out the lights 7" (England, w/PS!!!)
DISTANCE - It seems to be right 7" (Finland, Sonet Polar Records, PS)
ETHEL THE FROG - Eleanor rigby 7" (UK, EMI, PROMO PS w/album art)
FAIRNESS - Live for RnR 7" (Sweden, Private, PS)
FAR EAST - Ripper slasher 7" (USA, Private, PS)
FUCK OFF - People in war 7" (Spain, ???, PS?)
GYPSY - III World war 7" (Sweden, Rising Records, PS)
HELLION NOISE - Devil's daughter 7" (Finland, Private, PS)
INVASION - R.I.P. / Schools out 7" (USA, Private, no PS)
JACKWAVE - Kings of the sea 7" (Sweden, Platina Records, PS)
METAL GRIFFIN - Overdosed 7" (Finland, Private, PS)
NOIS - Dominio brutal 7" (Spain, Private, PS?)
ODIN'S HAMMER - Crazy woman 7" (Germany, Private, PS)
ORO - Metal 7" (Spain, Ariola, PS?)
R & R - Adventures behind the eye 7" (Sweden, Private, PS)
SAPPHIRE - Jealousy 7" (UK, Private, PS)
SERGEANT - Doubt 7" (Sweden, Private, PS)
STORMBRINGER - Evil minds / The curse 7" (Canada, Private, no PS)
STORMCHILD - Rockin' steady 7" (UK, Private, PS)
STRATTSON - You're a man 7" (France, Private, PS)
TARGET UK - Alive and kickin 7" (UK, Private, PS)
TRAZER - Street fighter 7" (Sweden, Private, PS?)
WARHEAD - Street survivors 7" (USA, Private, PS)
WILDNESS - Dreams 7" (Sweden, Private, PS?)
WORLD WAR III - Intensive care 7" (USA, Dorcas Records, no PS)

12"s Wants List

FIST - Back with a vengeance LP Colored Vinyl
JAG PANZER - Ample destruction LP Red Vinyl
LUST - We'll never die LP French Original M-/M- only
RUTHLESS - Discipline of steel EP (French Black Dragon, M-/M- only)
SAVAGE GRACE - Master of disguise LP (USA, CLEAR VINYL)
WARCHYLDE - Murder by decibels EP (USA, Private, EX+ or better cond.)

OK, here's what I have for trades:

AFTERMATH - Straight from hell EP (USA, Aftershock Music)
AVALON - Live or die LP (USA, Private, SS)
AXIOM - Vicious circle 12" 4 Tracks (USA, Private, with colored Insert)
AXIOM - Vicious circle CD 8 Tracks (USA, Pirvate, rare!)
BEHEMOTH - Death wings 7" (SWE, Private, Black Cover Original)
BLACK KNIGHT - Master of disaster EP (Canada, Private, Original)
BLACK ONXY - Armaggedon skies 7" (USA, Private, PS)
BLOODY SKIZZ - Gods breaker 7" (Italy, PS)
BREAKER - In days of H.M. EP (Canada, Private, Cover has Seam Split)
CRYING STEEL - Same EP (Italy, Metal Eye Records)
DESTROYER - Black angels 7" (USA, Private, PS + Insert) GREAT!
DRYSILL - Welcome to the show LP (Iceland, Private, with Eirikur Hauksson)
ESP - The future is now LP (US Metal on Dream Records)
EVO - Duracion de lo eterno LP (Spain, EMI)
FORTRESS - Same LP (USA, Havoc Records)
GAUNTLET - I want you EP (USA, Private)
GRAVE - Screaming from the grave 7" (Swe, Private, rare!!)
MAXX WARRIOR - High on metal EP (USA, Executive Records)
MEDIEVAL STEEL - Same EP (USA, Sur Records)
MERCY - Mercy LP (Sweden, Fingerprint Records)
MERCY - Swedish Metal LP (Sweden, Red Cover)
METALWOLF - Down the wire LP (USA, Private)
PROPHACY - Same LP (USA, Metal Arc)
RAVE - New time of pride 12" (Germany, Private)
REAPER - Fairies return 12" (Germany, Private)
REDEEMER - Light is struck and darkness splits LP (Aussie, White Vinyl)
SILENT LISTENER - Veterans of the fight EP (USA, Rival Records)
SNEAK ATTACK - The hungry eye 7" (USA, Private, PS)
SNOW - 10" (USA, Sass Records, Poster)
SPEED - Man in the streets 7" (UK, Speed Rec, no PS, w/Ins - ORIGINAL!)
STONEHENGE - Catz eyes / HM woman 7" (USA, Private, PS)
STORMTROOPER - Armies of the night EP (USA, legendary!)
THATCHER - Destined to conquer EP (USA, Fahrenheit Records)
and tons more ... Vinyl / CD's, whatever you want!

Send your trade offers by PM

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Post#2 » Tue May 05, 2009 10:39 pm

Did Diamond Head "Shoot Out the Lights " have a picture sleeve or was that picture of a rocker on the cover hand drawn by someone to make it seem like it was issued with a picture sleeve.I don't think there was a sleeve.

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Diamond Head Picture Sleeve

Post#3 » Tue May 05, 2009 11:14 pm

Hi there

About 15 years ago, I was in contact with a UK dealer called Jim Hall (I think his mailorder company was called Rockworks) and he was a very very reliable source for all kinds of music. I think he was working very close together with Record Heaven in Malmö in the early (good) days when they still carried tons of Vinyl rarities ... he told me that the band did a handful of copies with PS as a test and then decided to release the 7" without PS because they were not happy with it. He must have had 1 copy with PS at home before he sold it to a well known collector which is living in Japan.

Check out the NWOBHM CD Series, No 7 and you'll see the sleeve (between Def Leppard and Ethel the frog) ... don't know if it's homemade or real printed (or copied or whatever).

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Post#4 » Wed May 06, 2009 7:13 pm

AGRESSION - Agression 7" (USA, Relentless Records, no PS)

This came with a PS

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Post#5 » Wed May 06, 2009 7:55 pm


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Post#6 » Wed May 06, 2009 9:17 pm

doomedplanet wrote:Image
always tantalizing us aren't you Rob!! great stuff and I love the tatty sleeve,adds to the obscureness!thanks for that one

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Post#7 » Wed May 06, 2009 10:57 pm

Rob,have you posted a picture of that Thor Rockrise 7" yet?Amazing picture sleeve along with that Viuda Negra 7"Colgar los Hábitos

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Post#8 » Sat May 09, 2009 8:18 am

Hey Matt, I've sent a pm. Did you get it? Let me know if you're interested in or not...

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