Muskelrock 2022 (Blädinge, Sweden 3-5 June)

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Re: Muskelrock 2022 (Blädinge, Sweden 3-5 June)

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Warepire wrote: Sat Jun 11, 2022 5:55 pm
DaN wrote: Wed Jun 08, 2022 9:23 pmOMEN - ...and this turned out to be my least favourite show I've seen with them, and there's been a few through the years. 1: the sound was pretty bad (too much drums in the mix) and 2: if you're planning to have 2 singers fronting your show, PLEASE rehearse the performance.
That is somewhat comforting as Omen would have been one of the highlights for me if I had gone, based on live performances with the 2020 lineup in 2018 and 2019. Which seems to have changed slightly then, as they did not have 2 singers then.

Now I am less upset that I had to miss this year.
The other singer was Coburn Pharr (who sang for Omen in the late 80's). I don't think he's a member as such. By the looks of it, they might as well have met for the first time in 30+ years that very evening, and the sound engineer didn't seem to understand that two lead vocal microphones were needed. It seemed a bit chaotic.
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Re: Muskelrock 2022 (Blädinge, Sweden 3-5 June)

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Sandstorm were amazing
Omen a bitter disappointment
Horisont killed it, loved them
Goatfyre impressed me a lot
Helvetets Port were astounding
Missed Nifelheim unfortunately
Bullet destroyed my ears with their explosions

E. Hilterz were the most fun at a gig I’ve seen/had in a good few years

Can’t wait to go again.
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