SIREN are back!

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Re: SIREN are back!

Post#16 » Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:38 am

Here's the tracklist:

CD 1

Iron Coffins (Cassette)

• Iron Coffins (Phillips/Aborn) 3:45
• Shadow of a Future Past (Phillips/Aborn/Lee) 4:34
• Before the Storm (Phillips/Aborn) 3:08
• Over the Rainbow (Phillips/Lee) 4:53

Dead of Night (Cassette)

• Dead of Night (Kotz/Aborn) 4:55
• Black Death (Kotz/Lee) 3:38
• So Far To Go (Kotz/Aborn/Lee) 4:53
• Slice of Hate (Kotz/Lee) 3:30

No Place Like Home (LP)

• Black Death (Kotz/Lee) 3:24
• So Far To Go (Kotz/Aborn/Lee) 4:32
• Over the Rainbow (Phillips/Lee) 3:50
• Shadows of the Future Past (Phillips/Aborn/Lee) 4:36
• The Mine (Phillips/Lee) 3:55

• Terrible Swift Sword (Phillips/Lee) 4:04
• Burning Bridges (Phillips/Lee) 3:57
• Another Lost Love (Phillips/Lee) 4:30
• A Place in Time (Phillips/Lee) 4:07
• Iron Coffins (Phillips/Aborn) 3:36

CD 2

New Songs

• Tornado of Blood (Dunn/Grubbs/Lee) 3:53
• Anastasia (Grubbs/Lee/Aborn) 6:44
• Sun In My Face, Knife In My Back (Lee) 3:17
• Dead of Night (2018) (Kotz/Aborn) 5:05

Metro-Mercenary (Single)

• Metro-Mercenary (Phillips/Aborn) 5:30
• Terrible Swift Sword (Phillips/Lee) 4:15


• Over the Rainbow - (1984 demo version) 4:33
• So Far To Go (Live 1986) 4:34
• Before the Storm (Live 1986) 3:03
• We Stand Strong - (Live 1986) 3:06
• Straight Jacket (1987 Pre-production Demo) 4:08
• Psycho Ranch (1987 Pre-production Demo) 3:02
• Going Places (1987 Pre-production Demo) 3:30
• Winds of Fire (1987 Pre-production Demo) 4:39
• No Way Out (1987 Pre-production Demo) 2:39
• Take It (1990 Pre-production Demo) Lee/Fricke 4:45

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Re: SIREN are back!

Post#17 » Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:47 am

Regarding the directions the label has been going recently; back in 2006 it started as re-issue label mostly, but as you all know ever since the niche of underground re-issue labels have gotten so crowded and over-populated, I kinda shifted my focus on current bands.

I also burnt out on some of the re-issue releases that took YEARS to transpire, and not on lack of effort on my part. So it was kinda easy to shift focus to releases that can happen in more organized fashion you know. That doesn't mean I'll quit releasing re-issues, but there wont be so many as before. Although I've learned never to say never: planning and keeping schedules is not my strong forte (as it has been apparent, hah), so... everything is possible.

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Re: SIREN are back!

Post#18 » Thu Jan 25, 2018 11:38 pm

I will probably pick this up for the old material being officially pressed on CD for the first time. Just listened to that new track again and am still not very impressed though...

It's unfortunate to hear that members of these old bands procrastinate their side of the deal. You'd think that many of them would be excited to get their old arcane recordings out there to the small fan base that still enjoys them.
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Re: SIREN are back!

Post#19 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:17 pm

Not convinced by that new song but that CD looks essential. Wouldn't mind hearing a few new songs to get a better idea of where they are right now.

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Re: SIREN are back!

Post#20 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:37 am

I personally dig the new tunes, but to each their own I guess.

anyhow, I've re-opened the webstore for one week, so I can finally distribute the "Mystery Band 1986" CDs I've been sitting on for close to 3 years now. Info below:

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Re: SIREN are back!

Post#21 » Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:23 am

The new song is a dinger and the production is stellar.

Kicking myself for pulling this one out of my cart/my recent order at the last minute should have kept it in there but I had a budget and had to cut a disc.

Maybe next time the vaults are open.

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